Giving an Unchained Rogue firearms


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I'm looking over the various ways to do get an unchained rogue access to firearms, and want to know your opinions. I'm less interested in a spellcasting method to do so.

1. The Firearms Training and Grit talents. Pretty intensive, gotta wait for level 4. Can reduce by taking the Amateur Gunslinger feat myself and avoiding

2. Dip into Gunslinger. Most gunplay available, least rogue synergy.

3. Dip into Swashbuckler (Picaroon). Deeds work better for the rogue, and free rapier-and-pistol fighting.

4. Dip into Investigator (Steel Hound). Doubles up on Trapfinding. Could trade out the alchemy for Sleuth, but that doesn't sound like a particularly good trade.

I'm just not sure what direction to take...

You could simply use your first level feat for the Feat Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms). It gives proficiency with all firearms.

Exotic Prof requires BSB +1, which a rogue doesn't have at first level. So third at earliest, unless you start with a dip.

What level are you starting at?

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First level.

Humans can trade their bonus feat for proficiency in two weapons with the Military Tradition racial trait, so that would give you firearm proficiency at level 1.

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How about something like this?

1: Picaroon Swashbuckler. Weapon finesse and Two-Weapon Fighting for free, proficiency in one-handed firearms. Quick Draw.
2: Steel Hound Sleuth Investigator. Add luck deeds to Swashbuckler, get the most out of Quick Draw with firearms.
3: Investigator. Amateur Gunslinger and Gunsmithing for free. Take Gunslinger's Quick Clear deed.
4: Unchained Rogue from here.

I'm still thinking about the best way to get the feats to work.

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