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How difficult would it be to 'reskin everything' in Iron Gods and completely remove the magic element from it?

Numeria would still have its history more or less the same. it would still a 'medieval style' land with ancient tech.

So I don't want to remove any classes; should I?

There would still be a wizard but his 'magic' would come from his interactions with 'latent nanite fields'.

Magical items become tech items; what about divine magic?


Play Numenera?

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Please don't read this as condescending - honest question. Have you read the Path yet?

Removing divine magic from the setting would have serious effects on the metaplot. Unless the idea is that you-know-who and his "children" are the sole source of divine magic, which is otherwise unknown... that could be very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

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Captain Marsh wrote:
Play Numenera?

Having popped over to Wikipedia for a summary... this actually sounds like solid advice.

Remember, Iron Gods isn't a "Numeria AP". It's a "Technology, Faith, and Divinity AP" that happens to take place in Numeria.

I've read the meta plot but couldn't divine magic just be reskined as 'powers/abilities'?

An Iron God could just be an entity that bestows these 'powers/abilities' to his followers/worshipers.

I'm trying to figure out whether I could make this AP into a sort of post-apoc nascent world of some sort.

And Numenera is very good but hard to find players for. And I don;t want to convert anything mechanically, just reskin it and see if it makes sense.

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I'm playing Iron Gods. I'm also playing Giantslayer in a low magic campaign which essentially reduces it to martials vs the world. It works in Giantslayer, but I don't know about Iron Gods. It's tech and magic, not tech and tech. I suppose anything is worth trying, but it seems like the AP would lose a lot and become very difficult to play without magic.

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The other half of Iron Gods is showing that magic and technology aren't mutually exclusive things. There are several enchanted tech weapons in the game, not to mention a whole society of technomages that have blended the advanced tech into their spellcasting traditions that rule the land with an iron fist. Magic is part of the AP. Divorcing it radically changes the AP.

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More to the point, as Kalindlara implied, one of the central themes of Iron Gods is "How does faith and science interact?" I suppose you could excise arcane magic from the campaign without affecting too much (although that kinda negates the whole theme and purpose and role of the Technic League, one of the major antagonists of the AP), but removing divine magic would cut the legs out entirely from the AP's core storyline.

From a mechanical standpoint, you could absolutely cull the magic from the AP.

From a story standpoint, you'd gut the AP of its central story. I wouldn't recommend it.

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