[Roll20 / G+] Dawn of the Scarlet Sun (Tier 4-6) Monday, January 25, 2016 6:00PM MST [GMT-7]

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Silver Crusade 4/5

The coastal city of Magnimar is no stranger to crime, yet recently, a series of murders has sent a chill through the early morning streets. Someone—or something—is stalking and killing worshipers of Sarenrae, the goddess of the sun. The city guard is prepared to ambush the murderer, but they need help—help of the kind that adventurers are so good at providing. What is the sinister truth behind these violent acts?

PLEASE NOTE: This game is being set up as a tentative slot. Due to another prior commitment (that at this moment does not appear likely to occur), I might have to reschedule this game. I normally never do this but I wanted to fill my otherwise committed timeslot with this player requested PFS "module".

I recommend trying to bring in the highest level character you can for this tier.

Please sign up on WARHORN (and don't forget to send me the information below). If you newly register on Warhorn you'll also need to sign up to Play in a session slot (sometimes people forget to do this).

Due to the quickness of this signup and the game timing, I'll give the Roll20 link immediately: ROLL20 Link

If you need to drop out, please be courteous enough to drop by Withdrawing from the session (as soon as you know) on Warhorn so an Alternate can move up on the play list.

After signing up, please send me the following information at bgoldstein14[at]hotmail[dot]com:

*Player Name
*Character Name
*Character Class/Level
*PFS #
*Attach token

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