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Does anyone know where a player can get some real-life cosplay holy/unholy symbols of Pathfinder gods? I got a group that likes to dress up for game sessions and a couple of them like playing clerics.

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I don't know about purchasing them, but if you've got anyone crafty among you making them isn't unduly difficult. I made a Shelyn symbol for myself and a Milani symbol for my husband from polymer clay, and they turned out fairly nicely. I even wear the Shelyn symbol as regular jewelry sometimes.

My players and I all work at the same place and when we get time off we try to roll. they aren't very crafty.


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Which symbols in particular are they looking for?
Some are easier than others, depending on the theme.
And some may have raw materials available in craft and toy shops, like the beetle for Urgathoa, could be got from a box of toy bugs, stuck to a disk, and sprayed metallic or stone colours.
Skull items are common in goth shops, etc.

looking for most of the goodly gods including Apsu and Pharasma. want simple pendant type things.

anybody make cosplay holy symbols? need goodly gods and pharasma and nethys.

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For Nethys, you could take one of those blank white nondescript plastic full-face masks that are a staple of costume stores and spray-paint half black (OR take a black one of those and spray-paint half white).

Pharasma's symbol is...a spiral. There are many ways you could do that. You don't have to make it look just like in the books.

On a few of the Good gods:

Torag's symbol is a hammer - getting a Nordic heathen Thor's hammer necklace shouldn't be too hard, and isn't too far off.

Cayden Cailean's symbol is another easy one - an ale stein. I've never seen an ale stein pendant, but I can easily imagine them existing. I've also seen tiny knick-knack steins that were not pendants, per se, but could be put on one.

Erastil's symbol is a bow - I think you can find a bow pendant, or something. It's a common enough image.

Desna's symbol is a star-studded moth/butterfly. Again, I can easily imagine a pre-existing pendant/knickknack that looks about right, or can be adjusted to look closer to right.

Your best bet for stuff like this is to head to a local craft/artisan sale and ask around. Depending on the materials, the cost is pretty good and it helps support local artists.

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