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Has anyone tried to actually use the Pathfinder Unchained Simple Monster Creation rules? (This can be found on as 1 giant page or on the Paizo PRD as a set of linked pages, although the latter seems to lack the examples placed at the end of the former.) I haven't seen anyone post anything at all about this on these messageboards (Search for "Pathfinder Unchained Simple Monster Creation" came up with nothing relevant, but with a whole bunch of unrelated threads).

My first thought is that calling this "Simple Monster Creation" seems odd based upon the sheer size of the thing. At this point, might as well go a little bit further and bring in Mutants & Masterminds(*). But I wonder if it could be semi-automated with a spreadsheet or program that would be reasonably quick to use?

(*)An unholy hybrid of Pathfinder with Mutants & Masterminds would be awesome. Edit: Actually, now that I think about it more, I wonder if a version of the Simple Monster Creation codified as a more traditional point buy system would be more straightforward to use, and maybe even easier to semi-automate?

Also, I wonder if the Paizo developers now use this, or do they still use a more traditional way of designing monsters?

No takers?

I tried to use it in a Rise of the Runelords game I was running for some friends a couple months ago, to build some ogre lieutenants to replace the one that gets copy-pasted all over the place. I was pretty dissatisfied with the results, so I scrapped them and just used class levels instead.

I remember being frustrated that a ton of the numbers were totally arbitrary and disconnected. Like creatures that have really low flat-footed ACs... with negative Dex modifiers, and raw bonuses to damage that come out of nowhere.

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