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I am looking for people to join a summoner champaign that I am trying to start up. You be able to use any race that you like,the only thing is that you have to be a summoner but the archetype of the summoner can be any u want to use. I will also allow the unchained summoner as a choose too.But if you do join,I would like a back story if possible.

This can be fun :) Count me in for now.

sounds interesting

I'd join but the spelling would drive me nuts. I suggest a synthesist as a melee.

Any further details?

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Anyone up for a glass of summoned champagne?

If any of ypu wants to join, message me your characters info and follow this link and type "I'm in": I'll be waiting.

linkified for your convenience

also some creation rules would be a good idea.

what level and such.

also the grammar or spelling in posts should not be an issue as for many English is not their primary language. And we should be happy that we have another willing to join the GM ranks.

I'd defintely be interested in giving it a try! I bought the Monster Summoner's Handbook not too long ago. Will it be Pathfinder meets Pokemon?

starting level:5
any race is usable as long as it is bellow 20 rp. also the unchained summoner is also usable.
some what with the pokemon idea, summoner npcs won't be uncommon.
Note-i honestly feel ashamed on how i screwed up on the spelling so my bad.

sorry my bad double posted computer lag.


If this is still happening... I've posted in your other thread

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