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Hi, all!

The last few months I've had a real blast helping get J Gray's (soon to be monthly) project The Letters from the Flaming Crab off the ground. Each "Letter" we hire 3-4 writers to tackle a completely different topic than the last brewed by J.

Letters that do well are explored further into more robust books. For example, we're about to get writing for Culinary Magic II underway with ALOT more magical recipes! These Letters are a fun way for us to toy with experimental topics in 10-12 pages.

However, as a ghost crab sized company, it's not financially feasible for me to hire 3-4 writers and 1-2 artists every single month. So Flaming Crab Games will be launching a Kickstarter next week to make that possible. (We did just get funding for the Archetype Compendium, but a completely different team is working on that. The Letters won't get in the way of the Archetype Compendium and vice versa)

But before we launch the Kickstarter, I'd love to have you guys vote on what topics we should tackle next. It doesn't matter how wacky or weird! These Letters are all about being spontaneous and fun! The poll is here. Feel more than free to add your own suggestions! The poll will continue during the Kickstarter. We just want to get an idea of what's going to be popular.

Also, we've got a sale going on for our 2015 Letters! J started a thread discussing that here.

Filled out the poll - nice! Added suggestion for more pagan festival-files.

Would "Shrunken/Atomic Adventures" be compatible with Everyman Gaming's excellent Microsized Adventures-supplement? Rules-wise, that one pretty much covers that niche extremely well - but actual adventures using those rules? That would be rather awesome.

I'm personally a big fan of magic that has more uses than just "smack that goblin over there in the face for me," so Household Magic sounds like it could be pretty fun. Its not necessarily what you want for every game, but opening up options for entirely new game types is definitely something I support.

Sometimes you want to slay dragons. Sometimes you want to be a magical cleaning service crew. A dragon's gotta keep their hoard clean somehow, after all.

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@Endzeitgeist: When I came up with the idea I wasn't thinking specific compatibility but that's a good idea.

@AmberVael: Suddenly I'm imagining posing as a magical cleaning crew to sneak into a dragon horde in a Shadowrun-style Pathfinder adventure...

Less than 12 hours until launch!

Aaaaaand, we're live!

Backer #3....Good Luck with the project. :)

amberkat wrote:

Backer #3....Good Luck with the project. :)


Only 10 days in and we're halfway to funding!

Watching with extreme interest. We'll see what my living situation is like closer to the campaign's end!

Hoping to get you onboard El! We understand that life can squeeze the pennies right out of you.

Everyone, just wanted to give an update. January's book, Letters from the Flaming Crab: Iconic Princesses has been released and should hopefully hit the Paizo storefront soon. Our writers have looked at four classic "princesses" as popularized by a certain mouse-led company and reimagined them as Pathfinder characters in the iconic style.

  • Beauty, a vengeful witch who protects the powerless and curses the oppressors.
  • Mulan, badass brawler who uses cunning and mobility to defeat her enemies.
  • Rapunzel, a monk who has turned her hair into a living weapon.
  • Snow White, an occultist who uses the items that almost killed her to defeat others.

Each princess also comes with a new feat, spell, or magic item written in her personal flavor.

Work on Letter from the Flaming Crab: Tiny Dragons continues and is showing real progress. Psuedodragons, faerie dragons, and tidewater dragons all get new options.

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The Kickstarter for Letters from the Flaming Crab is now at half-way funded with 29 days to go. Thank you to those who are supporting us. We hope more of you will join us!

Letters from the Flaming Crab: Iconic Princesses is now available here on the Paizo store as well as on OBS.

Letters from the Flaming Crab: Tiny Dragons is in the final stages of writing now. Here's a sneak peak of what we're including:

  • Swandragon, a singing, long necked psuedodragon variant.
  • Ectoplasmic psuedodragon, the perfect improved familiar for an occult class character.
  • Monarch faerie dragon, a rare, beautiful and psychic breed.
  • Koi faerie dragon, an aquatic variant.
  • Coral tidalpool dragon, as toxic as they are beautiful.
  • Packicke tidalpool dragon, denizens of arctic waters.

We'll also have new archetypes for both familiars and characters as well as a new class of magic item that needs to be activated by the song of dragons, known as dragon stones.

The poll to determine what topics we cover in the second half of 2016 closes in 1 hour! Please take it here if you haven't already!

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Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate the head of Flaming Crab Games, Alex Abel, and one of our Letters from the Flaming Crab writers, Lindsey Shanks. They just got officially engaged!

JGray wrote:
Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate the head of Flaming Crab Games, Alex Abel, and one of our Letters from the Flaming Crab writers, Lindsey Shanks. They just got officially engaged!

Thanks, J :)

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The Letters from the Flaming Crab Kickstarter has TEN days left. We're still $803 dollars away from our $2,500 goal. If we make our goal, we'll use the money to produce fourteen 6,000 to 8,000 word books on a variety of topics. All books will be released this year.

You get all fourteen books at the $30 pledge level. That's 84,000 to 112,000 words (roughly 140 pages) full of stuff you can use in your games for $30.

If you're on the fence, maybe a listing of our topics for year will push you over the edge to backing us. Here's the current schedule.

January Iconic Princesses (already out!)
Beauty. Snow White. Mulan. Rapunzel. Sure, you think you know them but what happens when they become badass iconics complete with new feats, spells, and magic items?

February Here There Be (Tiny) Dragons (in editing now!)
Presenting six new Tiny sized dragons to be used as friend, foe, or improved familiar! Also, new archetypes and a new class of wondrous item, the dragonstones, that can only be used by a dragon and non-dragon in cooperation!

March Women of History (being written now)
Written by women in celebration of Women's History Month, this book offers short biographies of several women of historical import and a then a Pathfinder-compatible archetype inspired by each.

April Coins and Credit (being written now)
Sure, you pulled 100k worth of gold coins from that dungeon but now what do you do with it? Carry it around? Do you KNOW how much that many gold coins weigh? (No, seriously, do you? We're gonna tell you!) Coins and credit presents options and rules for banks, letters of credit, counterfeiting, and more to use in your fantasy campaign world.

May Hygiene (chosen by a backer!)
Just how do people in fantasy worlds stay clean and smell good? We'll be exploring baths (public and private), perfumes and soaps, expanded clothing options (attending a ball in adventuring clothes is a bad idea and shopping in a ballgown will get you laughed at), and just what happens when you try to sell dungeon loot to shopkeepers while still covered in goblin guts (there's probably going to be an additional service fee).

June County Faire
Everyone loves the county faire, right? We'll have rules for games, events, rides, horribly unhealthy fried foods, alcohol of all sorts, and fireworks at the end! Because every celebration should end with a big boom.

July Heraldic Symbols (picked by one of our backers!)
Coats of arms! Family crests! Why should they just be for cavaliers and paladins? We'll be exploring both the pride these symbols can instill and the curse they can bring upon a bloodline.

August Strange Weather
Sure, your party can trudge through snow or sleet or rainstorms. And yeah, thunder is atmospheric. But what about a rain of blood? Or an elemental tornado? What happens when it starts pouring toads down from the sky? We'll look at strange weather phenomenons (some of which happen in the real world!) and maybe even the spellcasters that can control them.

September Dinosaur Companions (chosen by a backer!)
The title kind of says it all, doesn't it? Though we're also considering dinosaurs as mounts and familiars as well.

October Household Magic
In a high fantasy world, why should all the magic be geared towards slaying enemies and exploring dungeons? Remember when Harry Potter visited the Burrow? You know what we mean. Brooms that sweep by themselves. Blankets and cloaks that radiate heat. Spells for doing dishes and laundry!

November The World Tree (chosen by a backer!)
A giant tree with a trunk miles around. What secrets does it hold? Magic berries and fruits? Beasties both mundane and magical? Hidden cities? We'll let you know what our explorers find.

December Ioun Stones
Everyone's favorite orbiting magic items! Are there ioun stones keyed to the psychic energy of your chakras? What about ioun stones keyed to the planets in the heavens? What happens when you get a complete set? New items and new archetypes exploring ioun stones from a different point of view.

PLUS we will be releasing 2 additional books thanks to the generosity of one of our backers! Topics still to be decided.

So, please. Consider backing the project and giving a small publisher (but with a good track record for being only a year old) a chance.

Thank you.

And thanks to the swell folks at AAW Games, anyone who pledges $15 or more to this campaign gets one free month of adventureaweek.com!

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There's only five days to go for the Kickstarter! We've really been honored to find support among our sibling 3pp publishers out there.

Right now, if you back us at the $35 dollar level you get eighteen Letters from the Flaming Crab, one month of access to AdventureWeekly.com, Polyhedrial Pantheon from Echelon Game Design, and three books from Fat Goblin Games (including, Mantles of Power, which got 5 stars and a seal of approval from Endzeitgeist!). That's $100 worth of gaming material for $35. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, that is a series bargain.

Please consider backing the Kickstarter. It's less than $350 away from goal. You will be supporting a small publisher and many new, emerging writers! They need your encouragement. One of them could very well be the next Hickman, Cooke, or Pondsmith!

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Aaaand we're funded!

To add to the $35 deal, Rite Publishing has donated 101 Swamp Spells, In the Company of Fey, and The Secrets of the Divine: Pantheon, Love, Sky, & Wright!

I upped my pledge to the $35 level, but I already have three of the 2015 letters. Can I ask for them to be sent to a friend instead?

El Ronza wrote:
I upped my pledge to the $35 level, but I already have three of the 2015 letters. Can I ask for them to be sent to a friend instead?

Sure, we could do that!

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With 61 hours left to go we are JUST over the funded line. That means if anyone can't afford to pay when the bill comes due, the whole Kickstarter could fall apart.

Nervous? Who said anything about being nervous! You're nervous!

Ahem. :)

More seriously, if you were sitting on the fence let me tell you what you get if you pledge at the $35 level:

  • 20 Letters from the Flaming Crab books. That's the 4 we put out last year, the 12 we are putting out this year, and 4 bonus books sponsored by higher level backers.
  • One month free of Adventureaweek.com's subscription service (available to anyone who backs us at $15 or more).
  • Echelon Explorations: Polyhedral Pantheons from Echelon Game Design (available to anyone who backs us at $30 or more).
  • Astonishing Races: Grippli, Call to Arms: Mantles of Power, Call to Arms: Ropes (written by your's truly!) from Fat Goblin Games
  • 101 Swamp Spells, In the Company of Fey, the Secrets of the Divine: Love, Sky & Wight from Rite Publishing.

    So, if you go in at $35 you get a TON of stuff. Easily triple the value. Please consider backing this project. We'd really love to hit our first stretch goal.

    Thank you!

<24 hours left! The countdown begins!

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We are past stretch goal #1 (better art) and on our way to stretch goal #2 (custom art)! Last day!

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12 hours!

6 hours left and we're $151 away from our second stretch goal! Time to jump on the wagon and get tons of cool stuff, folks!

Cool, wacky, wacky stuff.

We're doing an entire book on hygiene! And another on county faires!

6 hours!

3 hours!

90 minutes!

45 minutes!

15 minutes!

2nd Stretch Goal Reached! 3rd Stretch Goal [Replace all the stock art in every Letter with commissioned line art.] is $500 away!




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