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Adventuring is tough work, what with the monsters and the threat of harm or death around every corner but the reward is often worth it when you find that big ole' chest of gold beyond the traps and beasts.

...but what about when you don't find that chest? It was already looted, the dragon just moved in and was yet to bring in his hoard, or maybe you and your comrades got overwhelmed and were forced to flee?

Ah, Day Jobs. The way we make ends meet and the often ignored chance to add some more flavor to a character.

What are some fun or silly day jobs possessed by you or your companions?

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Thewms(Zen Archer/Druid/Fighter): Having his mind invaded one too many times, Thewms has been left a little scarred. He spends a lot of his free time writing conspiracy theories revolving around Aliens.

Akhet(Paladin): Akhet has mastered his second mercy and is now capable of removing disease with a touch of the hand. While not a day job in the sense that he gets paid, Akhet volunteers to practice these new found powers on 'worshipers' at local Calistrian temples.

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"I don't really have a day job, sir."

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My Inquisitor of Pharasma with the Souls domain has points in Profession: Ghostbuster.

Mtumba (Hunter) from Mwangi has Profession: Jungle Guide. Not a night job but something you can gain money with between adventures.

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My paladin's a painter in her off-time (it's actually how she got pulled into this whole adventuring mess), and my oracle ran a hospital in her retirement.

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I played with a fellow paladin in Society who was an interior decorator for a particularly influential information broker in Kaer Maga. Mid adventure he would collect swatches of things described in rooms and add them to his sample book. Everyone always got a good laugh out of it.

It never really gets that creative in my games. Currently I'm playing a Halfling warpriest with Profession: Tanner. He's mainly using his skills to keep the party in hides, furs and leather straps for their winter gear and snowshoes.

The few players that take these skills seriously pick stuff that serves their character in some in-game capacity. I've had folks who craft weapons, armor and books; a lot of Profession: Hunter or Trapper so they could sub it for Survival, and a monk/bard with Performance: Dance because she was a Dervish Dancer.

The most interesting one was a guy that took Profession: Cartographer. He was supposed to be making maps of the megadungoen at the center of the campaign. I reminded him 3 times though, then stopped and he never actually made any maps (either the character OR the player). In the end the game died.

I think it comes from my players being very focused on the adventure without any desire for downtime. Personally I love me some downtime sessions. Unfortunately my fellow gamers find this boring so mostly we just finish one adventure and either plow right into the next one or handwave purchasing some minor gear before moving on.

Profession Barrister: no in-game reason. I just wanted to annoy our group's lawyer. It did make for some interesting role-play, as I was also the party diplomat.

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My current Carrion Crown party has a witch who has a wonderful night job. It's Profession: Trashy Romance Writer.

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All my core-PFS characters do profession: barrister day job checks, and in fact, they all operate out of the same law firm in Absalom

Someone at a local lodge is pretty famous as being a chicken-breeder in his downtime, with ranks in Craft (Chickens).

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Will Huston wrote:

All my core-PFS characters do profession: barrister day job checks, and in fact, they all operate out of the same law firm in Absalom

Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe?

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