Could a Sleeves of Many Garments be used for camouflage / stealth?

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Topic. I'm wondering if I can switch my clothing at will, couldn't I will my clothes to help my blend in with my surroundings? This seems like it would be a fun trick to try, and yet I can't find a ruling on it anywhere.

As a bonus question, does the illusion from sleeves of many garments include smell? Could you fake a 'freshly laundered' smell vs a 'i just **** my pants' to something like a perfumed scarf?

For an item so cheap, it seems like it has a lot of untapped potential.

The problem is trying to look like what's behind beside and basically around you. Your character would have difficulty matching terrain all the time.

At best i'd give you a +2 circumstance bonus If standing still at best. Even then that's more then the item itself gives you.

But for the second you may find the cantrip presigitiation would work best.

Still it's never bad to use the imagination.

Presdigitation would work, but not being an arcane caster that's not a viable option. My character's a ranger, so I thought this low cost item could add some fun/flavor.

Sleeves of Many Garments: Are the effects of sleeves of many garments illusion or transmutation?

The effects are illusion (glamer) like the glamered weapon and armor properties. This means they can’t be disbelieved like a figment could, but they do not actually physically change the clothes. The transformation changes only the appearance, including the feel, smell, and other sensory aspects.

It works for smell as well and can't be disbelieved.

RAW it says Clothing. If we stick to that, you can only change looks and nothing else. Yes, clothing includes Swarmsuit, but it's just an illusion, doesn't provide real protection.

If the DM is lenient enough, there are some equipment that can be worn and provides Stealth bonus based on you having the proper clothes for the terrain.

I think camoflauge meets would be a good reference for this idea. Maybe not strict RAW, but clever.

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I see using the Sleeves as camouflage in a busy local area- like a crowded market place- more effective then trying to use it as a gillie suit in the wilds, since it does specific 'clothing'

i plan on using it thusly for my kitsune swashbuckler- who opted for quickshifter over kitsune magic. run into a crowd and try to blend in- a kitsune in leather armor is easier to spot than an ordinary townsfolk.

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The question I would ask is if you were in a city, could you change the appearance of your clothes to blend in with the crowd? I would think that most people would agree that that would be a reasonable thing to do. I do not think it is outside the realm of reason to be able to change the appearance of your clothes to help you blend in with your surrounding terrain. I would think a +2 to stealth would be appropriate. YMMV.

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