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I recently picked up Some make your own dungeon stuff and was wondering how you actually make it work for a table

I was thinking about Casting a few wall pieces with tacks/nails in it, lining up the tiles on some 12x12 cork tiles , and holding them in place with the wall pieces. Anyone ever use this stuff for a game?

Liberty's Edge

Well, first lt me get this out of the way:

Plastery or cementy, not ceramicy.

As for your plan, it may work, it depends a lot on what you use for your castings.

The normal method is to glue it to foam boards and then assemble the rooms and hallways as needed. Either that or go all out and build a custom diorama for set piece battles.

On Hirst Art's page, look under the Projects link, he goes over the modular method in a few of those builds.

Look at the Modular Tavern and the Gothic Arena ones for two different methods.

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