Officer Roles: What do they do?

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Player here (no spoilers please, unless they are Star Wars related). My group and our GM are perplexed by what exactly some of the officer roles are supposed to do for the Silver Ravens rebellion group. The player's guide details their mechanical benefits pretty well, but completely fails to do say what exactly these roles do for the organization roleplay-wise.

Recruiter, Spymaster and Strategist seem self-explanatory enough for what they do for the organization, but what do the Demagogue, Partisan, and Sentinel actually do for their jobs?

Silver Crusade

I said that the demagogue was responsible for interpersonal relations---public appearance and keeping morale up among the troops. The Partisan is responsible for the military-y actions, and the Sentinel is in charge of dealing with events as they come up.

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My take:

Demagogue spreads the message of the Silver Ravens, convinces people of its correctness, and stokes their anger against the government;
Partisan commands the paramilitary wing of the Silver Ravens, and directs distribution of supplies and forces to strategic points;
Recruiter inducts new members into the Silver Ravens, educates them on the organization's aims, structure, and functioning, and helps new members contribute;
Sentinel maintains the internal discipline of the Silver Ravens, lifts flagging spirits, and quells doubts about the course the organization is charting;
Spymaster thwarts the government's attempts to root out the Silver Ravens, prevents outsiders from learning too much about the internal workings of the organization, and silences informants;
Strategist determines the large-scale objectives of the Silver Ravens, coordinates the other officers toward a central goal, serves as the organization's chief theoretician.

Very well put Zim! Going to snatch those descriptions for my own campaign if ya don't mind.. :D

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