Summon Bloody Human Skeletons, free-ish?

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Hello All,

I'm working on building a gothy-necromancy sorcerer PFS character who summons skeletons (just having fun here ;) ).

Point 1:
On the SRD in the Summon Monster 1 spell, it lists Bloody Human Skeletons as an alternative summoning option. (The option seems legal for PFS as it is listed in the Additional Resources and I have AP47).

Point 2:
There is a Summon Skeleton Feat that just summons regular human skeletons which are slighter weaker than the bloody variety.

It would seem that something is broken here. Can I summon Bloody Human Skeletons without burning a Feat?

Thanks for your help!

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Bloody Skeleton is a specific option from an adventure path and is not intended to be used in every game. Whether or not it's allowed, I don't know, but there's nothing broken about it due to this fact.

Remember, Skeleton Summoner also adds Skeletal Champions to the list, as well as allowing you to add the Skeleton template to one summoned monster per day.
Besides, sometimes you need undead minions that can be disguised, and the skeletons that are dripping blood all over the place? Not so stealthy.

There's more use than just the human skeletons.

Good point about the perks of the Skeleton Summoner Feat, though the question still stands. Can I summon Bloody Human Skeletons with the normal Summon Monster 1 spell (without anything extra)?

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Not unless you're a worshipper of Urgathoa, per the AP article.
As you're not allowed to worship evil deities in PFS, you can't be a worshipper of the Pallid Princess, so can't get access to her deity-specific summons.

Very good point. Though, it specifically mentions the summoning options from that adventure path in the Additional Resources. Hmm..

Why can't you worship evil deities in PFS?

It's fine to do so, you just must be neutral, if you want mechanical benefits (feats, traits, etc.)
So, N for Norgorber, CN for Urgathoa, LN for Asmodeus, and so on.

You might have to worship Urgathoa, though.
Luckily, unless you're getting a benefit from some other deity, you're fine to switch, if you're CN.
Which I'm sure you can switch as well.


Additional Resources-Inner Sea Gods wrote:
Gods: all of the gods listed in the appendix are legal choices except daemon harbingers, great old ones, infernal dukes, malebranche, nascent demon lords, orc deities, outer gods, qlippoth lords, and whore queens;

As Urgathoa is not in any of those categories, she is legal for play.

Very interesting. I was thinking about going true Neutral, but I have no problem adding a pinch if Chaos in there for Urggy. ;).

Looks like I have some more research to do. All my characters have been atheists up to this point.

Also, lol! Whore Queens???! Haha! Definitely more research to do. Haha!

Edit again..:
Looks like I can be Neutral. Urggy is NE and I need to be within one alignment away.

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