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I've spent several hours clicking shopping cart and going through the sign in or tabs only to have the site fail. Sometimes I can't even get into the shopping cart.

I think it's because my shopping cart is too fat.

I'd like to purchase the items in my shopping cart, having them sent to me with cheapest shipping & the card that is on my account with the holiday16 promo code+15% adventure promo please. I believe the two subscriptions will be added to January.

Should be 123 items total with two new subscriptions in there somewhere. :)

Oh! I forgot to add that I'd like those items asap instead of lumped with the subscriptions coming next month.

Customer Service Representative

Sorry about that! It looks like the system is really struggling with the size of the order.

I'm trying to submit it from our side. It MAY take awhile.

Customer Service Representative

I was able to get this order submitted. You should get an order confirmation email, though it may take some time for that to process through the system.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.


Thank you so much for your help yesterday!

After reviewing the order item by item, if I could have the following books changed from 'non-mint' to 'print edition' that would be great. (I think I had misclicked when the shopping cart started to lag so much.) The difference in cost should be $14.97 credit to my order.
-Pathfinder Chronicles: Dragons Revisited
-Pathfinder Chronicles: Dark Markets-A Guide to Katapesh
-Pathfinder Chronicles: The Great Beyond-A Guide to the Multiverse

I also added a second form of payment because of the first card's daily limit.

Otherwise the order looks perfect item by item on what I wanted. I didn't see any duplicates. :)

You're the best! Thank you!

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hi there,

Thanks for letting us know! I've changed the requested items to be the regular print versions, instead of Non Mint, and I'll get your order on the way as soon as possible. It looks like your new card should have already been set to the order as well.

Once our warehouse has processed the order for shipment, you should receive a confirmation email to let you know that it's on the way. Please don't hesitate to ask if there are any further questions or concerns that I may be able to assist you with in the meantime, and I'll be more than happy to do so.


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