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How would you build a pair of PCs seeking to function as a duo? Looking for direct synergy? Current thoughts are witchguard ranger and mounted paladin/synth mount or nature oracle companion.

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Hunters: Me and a friend of mine are playing Giant Slayer AP with out modifications. We are playing a pair of Hunters. The teamwork feat's have proven to be very effective. Giving the hunters a synergy we have not seen before when playing just two characters. One teamwork feat stands out so far. Lookout has proven to be the one teamwork feat the GM hates the most. That's not to say he dislikes the fact we hardly ever take AoO from movement. Or the fact we swap places to use the other one as soft cover to avoid the AoO to patch our self's up during combat. The team work feat's are much more powerful when every one in your group has almost the same feat's.

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Generally you aim to cover the following bases:
Arcane casting / crowd control
Divine casting / condition removal
Talky talkies

I always wondered how a hexcrafter + evangelist cleric (feather domain) would go. Granted arcane casting only to 6th level, but hexes have scalable DCs and unlimited uses.

I think it would be better if both took classes that cover different bases.

Though for simplicity, barbarian with hooked lance + witch works as well.

Animal companions, eidolons help a lot for improving action economy in a duo.

My friend and I are playing a barbarian/swashbuckler duo. Our build is based around him using a rapier with butterfly sting to give me crit chances with my scythe. It's terrifying.

My all time favorit:

Two ratfolks Unchained Rogue/Vivisectionist.

-Flank almost anytime thanks to Swarming (Racial Trait)
-Massiv damage via sneak attack and maybe teamwork feats
-Vivisectionist can heal and does not need many other spells because of sneak attack
- can use a tone of teamwork feats that work while flanking

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I have four PFS duos built with my friend Bret.

They are:

1) Omar + Zahra
A married couple -- Omar is a reach cleric, Zahra a sylvan sorceress with pet tiger. Together we cover most spells, healing, ranged + melee, social skills, buffs and battlefield control. Missing: skills. Boy, are our skills bad compared to other PFS characters. Still, we can always help the table out.

2) Mist + Lyric the Singing Paladin
A pair of friends -- Mist is an arcanist / rogue. Lyric is an Oradin (Paladin 2 / Life Oracle X.) We're not as tricked out with spells as Omar + Zahra, but our knowledge skills are better and we can disable traps and fight. Diplomacy still awesome.

3) Jasmine + Ryuko
A bard and her bodyguard -- A duettist bard and a skald/bloodrager. We're less caster oriented than our previous pairs, but skills are much better. Plus, we're the buffingest of pairings, able to magic everyone's weaponry and inspire courage! Lots of fun.

4) Bobbi and Basil
A bastard Blakros daughter and her forgetful gnome sorcerer tutor -- Bobbi's a psychic searcher lunar oracle. Great with knowledge skills + diplomacy, okay in melee. She's quite honestly my most skilled character to date. Basil's a full caster who lies like crazy.

In all cases our duos do manage to balance the tables they join. Each has a different story about why the pair adventures together. We try to make sure that each pairing has at least one of us providing melee and knowledge skills, and that we can cover different types of magic. Building duos for PFS means that we can better ensure balanced parties and help out the team.


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