ranged cleave guns?


The missus doesn't like Penetrating ammo.

Any feats or enhancements she can take to allow a bullet to hit a foe and then another?

Not with the same bullet, but rapid shot works with guns. So would anything that increases your attacks per round.

The Exchange

Automatic weapons. It might be a bit high tech though. Some weapons/ammo make cone effects. That's all I've got, I haven't looked into this much.

Yeah it'll be for reign of winter so there's a chance at decent guns. I found the spell ricochet shot too but the party lacks a ranger or a wizard/sorc.

Cone effects and rapid shot are good points, and I already pointed out Penetrating ammo. I think she just wants a feat that'll allow bullets to keep going.

Meh it's clear there's a lot of option just none she wants. Being picky.

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