Best browser for windows 10?


I'm trying to find a better browser for windows 10.

Google Chrome gives me ALL the adds, and Firefox doesn't get along with the new version of windows (at least not the version I downloaded yesterday) if all the crashes I am having are to judge.

Any ideas what to go with? All the paid shill sites out there masquerading as independent reviews make it hard to find decent honest reviews.

Liberty's Edge

I use Chrome with AdBlock Plus, plus IE11 for some work related things.

Grand Lodge

Strange you are having the crashes with Firefox. I have been using it since Windows 10 Beta with no problems.

I do use Chrome as a backup, though I have tasted Microsloth's new post IE browser (and it works ok), but...


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I'm running the latest version of Firefox with no problems. I can't really see myself switching anytime soon, either...I have customized it with a bunch of extensions, and every other browser I try (including vanilla Firefox) just doesn't deliver what I want. I know Chrome has a fair amount of extensions and customization options as well, but it's lacking some of the ones I have become most accustomed to since Firefox's version number was in the single digits.

My primary browser (and one I access Paizo, PathfinderWiki, and d20pfrsd with) is Opera (Chromium-based). I have uBlock Origin, Reverse image search on Google, Bookmarks, and Images ON/OFF extensions installed.

I also have the 64-bit version of Firefox installed. I have uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger extensions installed.

I'm running Win8.1 x64 right now, and plan to reinstall this same configuration on my new Win10 notebook when it arrives. Both Opera and Firefox are very stable and fast.

Hmmm...didn't realize that Firefox had an official 64-bit version now. Might have to try that out.

As I realized the built-in Microsoft Edge working quite good.But I have no ideas about plugins, anybody makes them for Edge? That's why my main browser is Chrome at this moment.

I've had problems with Firefox as well with Win10. It plays REALLY badly on the machines I've tried it on. It will run but some simple things like bookmarks seem to fumble up. It's almost as if Win10 focused on trying to make the Firefox experience a horrible one.

I use Google Chrome in Win10 (edge is FAR worse than Firefox, ironically), so far that's the best one I've found that can actually run most website extensions and has the add ons where you can disable things or enable things (for example, disabling most ads and such).

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