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Hello everyone! My name is Amanda, and I'm new to the Paizo message boards! I figured the best way to get familiar with them is to start a conversation with you guys and gals. I love nerdy stuff and I love tattoos! So, show me your favorite nerdy/geeky tattoos! I'll go first! My personal favorite tattoo is my classic "arrow in the knee" tattoo for Skyrim! Has it been done before? Definitely! But this one is mine, and I love the crap out of it! That game come out in 2011, and I still enjoy playing it! It's my happy place for sure!

View My Arrow Tattoo!

I have a Sihedron rune and a Non-Compliant tattoo...among a few others.

Grand Lodge

I have the Elder Sign tattooed across my back. It's 10.5" in diameter and based off this artwork:

Zarono's Necronomicon pages

I think it works best as a peekaboo tattoo. It shows off well when I'm wearing a tank top, but you can't really see the whole thing unless I take my shirt off.

I have quite a few tattoos, but only one is geek related. I have the holy symbol of Olidimmara on my shoulder.

Those all sound awesome! I wish I had more nerdy tattoos, or just more tattoos in general! I've seen some really impressive flash work for traditional style d20 pieces that I would really love to add to my collection. There's a few good Instagram accounts for nerdy tattoos that really showcase a lot of talented artists that span a massive amount of nerd-ity.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

Some day I want to get the Seal of Rassilon etched somewhere on my body, but until that day I am an empty canvas.

Scarab Sages

I don't have any tattoos (and as an aspiring actor, I don't have much incentive to get any), but one of the geekiest tattoos I've ever seen I saw at the start of this past college semester: I went to the library to pick up readings for a class, and the guy at the front desk had, of all things, a Milk N' Cheese tattoo on his arm.

I was shocked when the cast of suicide squad all got matching forearm tattoos.

But I guess A listers get more leaway.

I work at a hospital in the surgery department. While my work recently adopted a no visible tattoo dress code policy, it used to be pretty tattoo friendly. Most patients would enjoy talking about mine whether they agreed with tattoos or not. I think they mostly just liked having something to talk about to get their mind off of their procedures. After 7 years of working there, I've really only had three patients who were really vocal about their disapproval. The majority of the others always gave compliments, and asked typical tattoo related questions (Did it hurt? How long did it take? Etc.). That all being said, I think there's a lot more options out there now for tattoo concealment for just such situations. A lot of cosmetic companies are investing in products for the sole purpose of hiding tattoos. I can see, however, how having a tattoo could make things complicated for an aspiring actor or even an accomplished one. Do you have any piercings? Those are usually easier to hide.

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