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So lately i've been working on a digital battlemap / combat manager style program to work with herolab .por files or xml exports, just for me and my wife to use but she recommended since it's turning out to be pretty great for us i see if there would be interest from other people.

would any of you want to use a program like this?
if so what features would you want to see in something like this?

feel free to respond here or use this link to a suggestions form:
suggestion form

Note: this is not a character builder at all, it uses hero lab files, and all content gets imported with the characters, as of right now, it's just an interactive battle map that tracks initiative turns, health, enemies / ally's of the party, lets you color tokens, highlights reach spaces to track when moving through threatened areas, and provides quick roll features to quickly roll attacks, saves, skills, etc.

screen shot

also would be interested in finding some people that would be willing to alpha test and help scour for bugs.

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