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So in my group currently my DM and I have worked out a homebrew Paladin archtype we are calling the Crusader. Basically he doesn't receive any spells and instead gets the monk feat progression, but with access to all combat feats not just the ones in the monk bonus feat list.

Any thoughts or ideas on this? Is it good? Bad? Balanced? OP? UP? Any thoughts, ideas, or criticisms are welcome.

Check out Weapon Master's Handbook, it has a paladin archetype that trades spellcasting for bonus feats (at 4/8/12/16/20 I think) from a decent-sized list (including Fighter only feats) and gets the Warpriest Sacred Weapon scaling damage. Pretty nice and probably pretty close to what you want.

Edit: Found it! Tempered Champion It also locks you into the weapon divine bond, but lets you burn uses of lay on hands to activate it. Nice!

As to your homebrew, the only thing I would point out is that if you use the Monk bonus feat progression you will get two feats by 2nd level, and Paladin doesn't even get spellcasting until 4th. I would say spells are more powerful than feats and over the whole class it is balanced, but just as long as you don't multiclass out at 3rd level or something.

4-level spellcasting is obviously slow and weak compared to full 9-level spellcasting, but it is still a very strong class feature. It has flexibility (one class feature can do many things, heal, buff, damage, solve other problems, etc.), configurability (today you prepare certain spells but tomorrow you might prepare different spells), and ultimately can have lots of power if you prepare the right spells.

I think this is very much more powerful than 6 bonus feats. I would upgrade it to the fighter's bonus feats at the very minimum (including qualifying for fighter-only feats like Weapon Specialization as a fighter).

Weaker than base Paladin because you lose Angelic Aspect and the other strong spells + wand access. It'd be nice for Paladins that want to pursue a feat-intensive style of course. Archery, TWF, truly dedicated reach lockdown and all that.

You could probably even give them some other extras without it being overpowered. Spells are that good, even on a 4-level caster.

Thanks for all your advice I'll bring it up with my DM and see what he says. Any other ideas are appreciated.

So I brought it up with my DM and he agreed after listening to your helpful opinions that I should get the fighter feat progression as well as qualifying as a fighter (story wise it makes sense as well since my character WAS a fighter until this holy stuff started to happen) as well as something else.

My question now then is what else should he give me? I of course don't want to be over powered, so that is why I'm asking you guys. Remember I'm trying to avoid spells. I think I'm fine with spell like abilities so long as I can explain it as a gift from my god.

My suggestion would be maybe one or perhaps both blessing selections from the warpriest class. That is just my opinion though.

What do you guys think?

I think that Fighter progression is already overpowered.

There are currently THREE official archetypes that that replace spellcasting.

Tempered Champion, Warrior of the Holy Light, and Temple Champion.

None grant anything new before level 4, and their main boosts in power come every four levels after 4.

Keep that in mind.

Don't make the Fighter obsolete.

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