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I see someone at Paizo didn't appreciate my comment about shipping since I received my order in a damaged box which the Post Office stamped 'RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION'. This means one of you Goblins thinks it's funny to throw around someone's package. Don't even try to give any kind of apology because I won't accept such a pitiful excuse for your crap.

It was so damaged that it slightly damaged each of the internal packages but most everything was ok -- except for the comic books, which have dinged up corners. You will come recover these and reissue them properly and immediately!

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I'm sorry that your package was damaged. Our warehouse does not intentionally abuse packages as they are generally very good about trying not to give customer service extra work (accidents do sometimes happen though). It's not in any shippers best interest to send out damaged boxes and especially not for Paizo as we have a long history of happily replacing damaged items, including instances where the damage is caused by someone else such as the postal or package delivery system or a local carrier.

Additionally, we ship a lot of packages from our warehouse, enough that individually picking out packages is not generally feasible. We also do not put forum avatar names on the package or packing slips, so you can rest assured that any comments you have made on the forum has had no affect on your package.

If you could let me know which comics arrived damaged, I'll set up a replacement for them. If you are able to send a picture of the damage to customer.service@paizo.com, we do find that seeing how products are damaged is useful in looking at the best way to ship out products.

~sara marie

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