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Massive thank yous to the wonderful players who came to the most recent 3XP.

As well as enjoying many excellent games of Pathfinder, including the Sunday morning special of The Sky Key Solution we were able to raise a fantastic £1293.27 for charity.

I have just sent £500 off to TOFS a charity for children born with problems in their airway/oesophagus which makes it impossible for them to feed, and another £500 to SANE the mental health charity. The remainder has gone to The Red Cross to help with their humanitarian work.

For such a small convention (only 58 people including children) that's an incredible show of generousity. Pathfinders are awesome!

Thank you to everyone who came along, especially our team of GMS who did a marvellous job as always.

And thank you to Carol & Chris B-B for running yet another fantastic Con.

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