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So I've set up a long term side quest for my party in witch they assist a mostly insane artificer in making a sentient combat automaton for fun and profit. So far I've decided they need a Protean Deep Crystal Cluster for its brain, and a metric ass-load of Vibranium for its frame/skeleton as well as a few other lesser trinkets. But I have yet to think of something really cool for its heart / power core. I was wondering if you guys had any ludicrous ideas for a perpetual motion/ infinite energy machine using general D&d lore. So far the only one I've thought of involves putting a chunk of scrag vampire tissue into a decanter of endless water and hooking it up to a steam engine in direct sunlight, but something that bootstrapped seems more suited to the prototype(the party's fighter). Were not running pathfinder for our system, but general D&d lore flies in most circumstances. And this particular dilemma really made me think back to all the stupid ass ideas I would cook up with my pathfinder artificer when it came to solving problems. So, thoughts?

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Most golems are fueled by elemental spirits, so Maybe the essence of a powerful and unique elemental?

yeah, perhaps. I was hoping to conjure up something a little more technologically improbable, like when players create a black hole by dropping a bag of holding into a portable hole. I suppose a highly unorthodox sounding elemental might fit the mad science theme, like a grease fire elemental, explosion elemental, uranium elemental, or a steam elemental.

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Do the steam engine with a fire and water elemental in constant contact. Forcing the two forces to constantly battle each other, it could be really hard to find 2 elementals that are balanced enough to make it work and throw in a lightning elemental to power subsystems. Make it as techy as you want with elementals as a base powers source. That way you build on the classic golem power source just fluff it and explain it. Remember that a lot of the way magic actually works isn't flushed out and you can design it as you want, mitochlorians or no :D

You can make a perpetual motion machine using brown mold and ammonia. Brown mold stays at a constant cold temperature regardless of its surroundings. Us it to keep a reservoir of ammonia liquid (it liquifies at -28F, so this should work). Tap some of the ammonia out through a heat-exchanger with the ambient air, as it boils run it through a turbine or piston engine, then through another heat-exchanger surrounded by brown mold to return it to liquid state.

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Undead hamster in a treadmill.

Chain a geas'd/cursed/mentally dominated/etc. aerokineticist that selected electricity blast at level 1 to the core. Infinite electricity until the kineticist core expires, at which point you just jam in a new kineticist.

Might be a little evil... but imagine the first time the party cracks open the core on one of these constructs to find a dead man inside. Bonus points if they confuse it for a pilot only to discover (to their horror) it's actually the power supply...

Nice, this is just the kinda BS I has hoping for.

Ooh I wonder if you could make a thermite engine by putting a Remorhaz and a Rust Monster in the same chamber. Combination Remorhaz rust monster flesh golem constantly getting healed by an electrical feedback loop from the power it generates?

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A mini voodoo doll of the multiverse, made by gathering tiny fragments from each plane. When it's eventually complete it will draw power from the multiverse and in turn empower the golem for as long as the multiverse keeps turning ;)

As added bonuses, there's a bit of adventuring in gaining the fragments of each plane and if the power core is damaged the damage gets reflected in the multiverse, which could make for a nice high level adventure

Getting infinite energy in a magical world is not ahrd.

Getting it in a useful form is, however, hard.

I am going to say that they need the heart of a solar, for it serves as a fusion reactor. Yes- star jokes.

Since fightings CR 23 enemies is probably not on the menu at the moment, how about going for a long dead Solar. How about:

This Solar was once one of the mightiest generals of Heaven. But after his fall, his power became unstable- weakening in purity but ever expanding in range. In order to stop this threat, a cold iron sword was forged adn driven through his heart. He now lies at the center of a frozen forest- once a vibrant green land that has turned cold from the energy that still seeps from his core.

Yeah- more science jokes. Now, that fusion reactor is doing cold fusion (maybe the golem is overheating with conventional power sources, so using something cold based goes in the opposite direction). And the cold iron blade is actually a reference to the life cycle of stars- large, old stars grow ever more desperate in what they try to keep on going, getting worse and worse results as it fuses heavier and heavier elements. The moment that a star starts to create iron, it goes from a celestial body that has existed for 100,000,000 years to a candle that will snuff out in DAYS.

That last story seed also obviously carries a cool bit of loot- how about a +x evil outsider bane frost sword. "Star Killer". That should keep your players happy.

"I come from Earth, a planet of outlaws. My name is Peter Quill. There's one other name you may know me by. Star-Lord."

Oh I really like that idea.

I remember an old Dragon Magazine issue having a "Motion" spell, 5th level evocation, in order to give a wheel perpetual rotation. Use to power self-propelled wagons or chainswords and such.

Otherwise, perhaps a permanent Create Object spell to have "matter" and "Antimatter" go into constant contact, making permanent perfect energy until the alignment gets out of wack...

Perhaps a permanent Animated Object to have a piston continually going?

If you want Rhube Goldberg, perhaps a permenant "Heat metal" spell on a Cauldron, under an Endless Decanter of Water, providing steam?

If you need Electric, get a Zombie, remove arms and legs, impale with a "Shocking" weapon, give it Fast Healing (enough to not die), and tap the power of the sword?

Why not a small internal water mill and a permanent hole into the elemental plane of water?

A shambling mound (or a piece of one). It can be used as a battery. You will have to charge it for a while first, but it can contain a theoretically infinite amount of power.

Cursed Immovable Rod… it never stops moving.

I'm pretty sure that you can build an alternator with some magnets, copper wire, and a rogue with Stand Up.


QuidEst wrote:
Cursed Immovable Rod… it never stops moving.

Lol i second this one, the quest to get it would be hilarious

Build a tube with linked ring gates on either end, mounted in a gyroscopic array to keep them vertically oriented at all times. Make it long enough that something falling through can build up a fair bit of speed, and insert some sort of flywheel or other contraption to harvest the kinetic energy from infinite freefall.

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Infinite energy is trivial with magic. Enslaving elementals is rather unnecessary when you can use common first level spells and cantrips at relatively low caster levels to produce infinite energy.

Based on the amount of energy damage a thing inflicts we can gauge the energy released by things when compared to one another and how it affects other things in the world.

An infinite steam engine can be created by any 3rd level adept with Craft Wondrous Item, using the spells create water and burning hands.

An infinite electric generator? Shocking grasp.

Even animate dead is overkill and wasted energy and resources for things like treadmills or handle turning type engines when unseen servant is a lower level and thus a cheaper alternative and won't even get any ignoramuses lodging complaints about you stealing souls or somesuch nonsense.

Now how you dress these things up or describe them is up to the artist but remember that typically golems aren't that amazing (well their price tags are amazing but aside from that) so giving them a core that's something overwhelmingly mindblowing ("A star frozen at the moment of its birth and condensed into an orb burns brightly as its heart") because it can put it out of the realm of reasonable for the world.

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It isn't a portable system, but if you're okay with your construct returning for regular recharging, your magitech reactor can be a Permanent Gust of Wind with a windmill on the end.
If you're the GM, and you have an idea for unlimited energy, building a custom Wonderous Item can serve as one, and you don't have to enslave a Perpetual Motion outsider or animate zombies.

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