[Spokane Valley, WA] 48+ hours of straight PFS

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Sovereign Court 5/5

In just a couple short weeks in spokane valley we will be holding our annual food raising 48 hr gamathon. We have all tiers being ran including a retirement table of wardens of the reborn forge. We will also have the 1st ever run of bonekeep 3 in the area. i Encourage any who can find the time to come play.

What you need to know:
When- Dec. 11th 12pm to Dec. 13 5pm
where: gamershaven in spokane valley, wa

Games will be ran all day and night to help collect canned food.


schedule- https://warhorn.net/events/gamers-haven-pfs-weekly

Sign up on warhorn to come join us, we will be raffling away prize support, offering special incentives for can donations such as 1 time true res(if the unthinkable should happen), rerolls, raffle tickets, critical hit insurance plans.

Hope to see some new faces or even some uncommon ones.

Contact Preston hudson or myself for any info.

Liberty's Edge 3/5 5/5 *** Venture-Captain, Nebraska—Omaha

Looks like this starts today so I will give you a bump!

Sounds like fun.

Good luck. Wish I was in your area!

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