[Roll20 / G+] Ancients Anguish, December 9th and 16th, 7pm GMT

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5/5 *****


When the Jeweled Sages, an ancient order of Osirian scholars, fled Qadiran invaders millennia ago, some perished, and others disappeared deep into territories once held by the pharaohs of old. With the help of the Jeweled Sages' long-abandoned tools, the eminent Tahonikepsu has discovered one of the sages' last known whereabouts in the wilds of Nex. What secrets lie within these inhospitable ruins that date back to the Age of Darkness, and what fate did the so-called Amethyst Sage meet within?

Content in "Ancients' Anguish" also contributes directly to the ongoing storyline of the Scarab Sages faction.

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I plan on running a high and low tier session of this game. The low tier session will be on December 9th, the high tier one on 16rg December. I will take sign ups on that basis rather than first come first served.

5/5 *****

I have added a third run for this scenario on December 2nd at 7pm GMT. Same sign up. When signing up please let me have the following by email:

Player Name
Character Name
PFS Number
Charatcer Sheet
Which of the 3 dates you prefer to play on

PM me if you need my email address.

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