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"The schedule got mixed up. *suggestion* I'm here to relieve you. You can go home" - to a guard at an entrance we needed to use.

*Dressed as a cultist bursting in on a ritual we needed to stop* "The authorities are here! Take the blade(required ritual item) to safety!"

*Caught undressing the beautiful but very married lady by her husband* "I'm the sculptor! Please leave us so I can take the measurements correctly."

"This is a trifling amount for someone of your means. Why don't you take care of the tab?"

(While dressed in bad guy uniform)To the lieutenant of the BBEG "Sir! There is a delegate from [the other main evil group] in the foyer, you'd better go see to them". Trap waiting around the corner.

"The last two pit traps were illusions so you should just walk over this one". They were, this wasn't.

"He went that way! After him!"

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Otherwhere wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
What's funny is that sometimes Command can be much better than Suggestion. Use "Approach" on a target from behind your whole party. The resultant AoOs actually killed a PC in one of my games (or brought him low enough to be one-hit killed the next round). Suggestion would in many games block that as being "obviously harmful".
Ah, Command used to allow such funny options! I was in a game a long, long time ago - back in the old D&D days - where a friend was playing a cleric. We ran into a patrol of guards and he pointed at one guy and said - well, the word for self-pleasuring that ends in "-bate" - and we all were stunned by the brilliance of it. We had to take a break because we were laughing so hard!

From a practical standpoint "disrobe" or "undress" would work as well--they're going to have to divest their armor anyway and that's going to take up the whole spell time.

The really good version of this isn't the self pleasuring version--aim at a brawn type in back that's next to an opposite-sex arcane. Not only do you take out your target but they'll take out the caster as well.

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My problem with Suggestion is that it's not terribly difficult to come up with a suggestion that takes a character out of the combat, but if used on a player that basically just leaves the player there twiddling his thumbs (having been on the receiving end of that, I know it's no fun, especially for the duration of the spell or if combat goes on for a while). So I try to use suggestions that at least can keep the player in the game instead of shutting them down, even if it isn't the wisest option for the character to use. I've used variations of some of those mentioned ("it's really hot here. You should remove your armor."), but I look forward to seeing more that significantly hinder the characters rather than completely taking them out of the fight.

"Your clumsy greatswords and arrows will never be able to pierce me. You'll need the precision of a dagger." (used on those that really focus on the damage of their heavy weapons.)

"That last spell you cast used up the last of the contents of your spell component pouch. You'll have to rely on spells without components or other methods."

"Your friends are taking significant damage. Focus exclusively on healing them." (used on clerics to expend their channel energy and spell slots to heal allies during battle instead of attacking. Whether they use up their higher level slots to heal minor HP loss, using channel energy to heal everyone when on only 1 ally is injured, or expending charges out of a wand, they end up casting instead of attacking).

"Your archer/mage friend is very vulnerable. You should stay beside them and protect them from anyone getting close." (used on the heaviest melee damage dealer, effectively putting him in the back and out of range where he is less of a threat)

"Oh no! Not fire (or cold, electricity or acid etc)--my one true weakness! That is the only attack you have that is effective so only use fire attacks!" (used by someone immune to fire or with high resistance.

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There's wording on the wall that might clue you in to a secret door by reading it.

"You know taking (insert highly addictive drug you make here) is great for boosting your (insert attribute here)." Great to get a good money supply, especially if used on a person such as a rich king.

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