Dundracon 2016 - Feb 12-15, San Ramon California

Local Play

Greetings Pathfinders,

It is my distinct privilege to invite all of you to join us for DunraCon 40
Feb 12-15 2016,
San Ramon Marriott
2600 Bishop Drive • San Ramon, California 94583


PFS Highlights:

Both season 7 specials
Aspis & Kobold Exclusives
Adventure Card Game Tournament
Over half a dozen modules including Tomb of the Iron Medusa (level 13-15)
All of the Season 7 scenarios plus a few choice morsels from years past.
CORE Scenarios and Modules
1 hour drop in quests.
Paizo Prize Support
Receive scenarios you GM for free

As always GM for 12+ hours to receive a free badge. Feel free to wait list for slots even if they are full, we'll be shuffling around games as needed to fill demand.

Questions, comments, concerns?
Feel free to post here, or email me vcRob(at)pfsprep(dot)com

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