20 levels of Gunslinger vs only dipping into Gunslinger: is one clearly the better choice?


Some people have told me that there is no significant benefit in having more than 5 or 7 levels of Gunslinger, arguing that the remaining levels of Gunslinger are better spent on multiclassing.

Is it worth sticking with Gunslinger for a full 20 levels?

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Worth it is a hard thing to quantify. Mechanically, it's a subpar choice to go more than 5 levels in gunslinger due to the opportunity cost of doing so. The best thing about going gunslinger is dex to damage with firearms/crossbows, and since you can always use more feats, jumping into fighter/monk/ranger/etc generally yields a better character, making straight gunslinger a lacking choice.

Gunslinger 20 is viable, it's not a bad build, but it's not optimal, which is why some people (like myself) advice against going GS 20.

I don't understand what errata would've caused going 20 Gunslinger to just become complete crap. Citations, please?

Gunslinger 1 / Trench Fighter X is vastly superior.

Darksol, I believe the issue is something about getting outscaled on the damage issue, followed by the fact that there always seems to be a chance for you to explode. :P I did have fun with a ninja sniper + musket master, but I suppose that's an argument against going with gunslinger all the way ...

As of the last errata to Ultimate Combat:

- Pistolero and Musket Master can no longer ignore misfires. Don't be unlucky!
- Pistolero can no longer use Signature Deed on Up Close and Deadly. But that's not so big a deal now that...
- Signature Deed has been nerfed so that it can only be used once per round.

Don't forget the double-barreled weapons nerf. Though that's more of a guns nerf than a gunslinger specific one.

Gunslinger was never particularly worth taking past 5th (AT BEST you want to jump out into Grand Marshal/Shieldmarshal). With the UC nerfs, that worth has dropped, and even a little drop to something already barely worth it makes it worthless.

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