What kind of claw weapons are out there?

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Pretty simple question. Kind of want to make a character that wields a large claw type weapon. I know there are various similar weapons, the Catfolk cat claws, the iron claw, and I think the cestus description mentions it has spikes and claws all over it. Are there any other types out there? Whether it be Paizo, 3pp, or even a weapon from 3.5. I know normally one shouldn't try to use weapons that are oversized, but I want to make a character with a large claw weapon for the visual of it. Assuming Im doing it right, a huge cestus is a light weapon for a huge creature, and that would translate to a 2 handed weapon for a medium creature...which makes no sense, so I dont think that works at all. Even then, it'd only be 1d8.

As to your question;
There are a few, but it sounds like the tekko-kagi is what you're looking for.

Honestly, if you want the visual, it's all description.
"...with long, wicked claws jutting from the mounts on the back of his wrists." when they're just Spiked Gauntlets.

If you're looking for damage, consider Warpriest.
The Osirioni god Bastet can net you tekko-kagi proficiency (or, you know, just use your Weapon Focus on whatever claw weapon you prefer), and your damage will ramp up as you level.

If you're married to the idea of an oversized weapon, keep to Large light weapons wielded one handed by a medium creature.
Two handed hand-based weapons are clunky visually, and that ever increased size difference penalty to attacks will drop you into oblivion.

I had debated the tekko-kagi on and off. Its interesting, although the description of it on the d20pfsrd throws me slightly. It says it can be used defensively like a buckler, so I assume that if I were to attack with it, I would lose that AC till next turn.

I definitely wasn't going to use a two handed hand based weapon, mostly because I wasn't sure it even technically worked. Though, I do wonder how big of a hand style weapon one could wield when using things like Effortless Lace, and 3pp stuff like Lighten Weapon and Anti-Gravitic Ore. Not that I'd really want to spend that many resources on something like this, but I am curious, even if the whole weapon size-hands needed ratio hurts my head a bit at times.

In 3.0, there was a claw weapon in the Forgotten Realms setting book, the claw bracer. I think it was 1d3 or 1d4 dmg and 19-20x2. Only remember it because it was the favoured weapon for Sharess.

Not sure if I have that book or not, but I will certainly look into it. Thank you both for the suggestions!

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