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Given the recent release of Fallout 4 along with the revival of a 4 year old related thread I wanted to see if folks were interested in coming together and making a game for the Fallout universe.

There's a couple of systems that I'm aware of that could be used. Exodus, GURPS, and I think a supplement to d20 that may be floating around somewhere.

The only one I think I can link to without getting in trouble is the Fallout PnP

I don't really have any plans on running a game, though I'd love to play.

What do we think?

Interested in playing. I would GM but i dont think i can make that time investment at the moment, and I wouldnt have enough ideas.

I think there is a Pathfinder-compatible RPG named Broken Earth that can be used. You can scavenge it for rules and such, as well as get an idea on how certain classes would be represented.

i am interested in playing, for sure.

HERE is a campaign i played in that used a mostly Pathfinder ruleset with modifications you could scavenge, based off of modifications we scavenged from previous threads.

I'd play for sure. Certainly interested in looking at systems that aren't just Post-Apoc Pathfinder.

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Couldn't you use the D20 Modern rules?

they're kinda convoluted and lame, lacking in flavor

I'm playing in a Fallout game using Savage Worlds ATM and it's going pretty great.

I've skimmed over Savage Worlds once or twice. From what I remember the rules look pretty good

You could use shadowrun rules, they fit well it many settings.

There is also Exodus which was to be Fallout D20 until Interplay sold the IP to Bethesda.

I would be interested in playing whatever rules you decide.

Unfortunately we don't really have a prospective GM right now.

I was thinking about running a game under Pathfinder or 5e rules. I still would need to come up with a story.

But aside from that what would be people's feelings on that.

I think 5e would end up with a bit of a narrow selection of classes (since I'd have to rule out any and all magic classes, which would leave us with two fighter archetypes, barbarians and two rogue archetypes) but it would be much easier houseruling everything else in.

i picked up the Exodus rules and they seem pretty well set for Fallout.

Regarding picking out the magic, that isn't necessarily necessary. In Fallout 3, there is a psionic talking tree. In Fallout 4, there are some other pseudo-magical things (won't spoil them).

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

You just have to flavor it. The PF Fallout game i was in had a few alchemists. Bombs are grenades, the person just seems to always find them or the stuff to make them. Stuff like that. Buffs can be chems.

I'm not hugely keen on using DnD rules to emulate a modern setting but at this point I suppose beggars can't be choosers.

I understand, unfortunately I don't have access to any more suitable rules. And otherwise it would need to be something easy to learn. So we can get on with it.

Did you see the Fallout PnP rules I linked to in the OP?

I had a very brief glance at that before and then forgot all about it. I will have a look at it.

Rynjin wrote:
I'm playing in a Fallout game using Savage Worlds ATM and it's going pretty great.

Well, I'm glad to hear that.

We're using Savage Worlds. I've been working on a conversion for a few years I finally finished. I hope to have the finalized PDF posted come January, but I've been leaking them stuff as well go that they need.

and I happen to be recruiting again here

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