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First party was
Bax, a tiefling Magus (hitting first was great, but getting hit and stomped upon was not);
Reha, a half-elf Oracle; was replaced by her sister, Vinnita an alchemist who left the part at the end of the first book.
Levi, a dwarvish ranger;
Belladonna, a halfling rogue.

Second party:
Bipozar: Gnome draconic stone warder sorcerer (love the long range on acid arrow);
a mysterious woman who looks like a Changeling monk;
Suremoth, a tiefling fighter with OP full plate armor (bought first, then enchanted) and a special warhammer;
Cinderheart, a catfolk who is a swashbuckler with a level of bard.

Bipozar wrote:

First party was

Bax, a tiefling Magus (hitting first was great, but getting hit and stomped upon was not);
Reha, a half-elf Oracle; was replaced by her sister, Vinnita an alchemist who left the part at the end of the first book.
Levi, a dwarvish ranger;
Belladonna, a halfling rogue.

Second party:
Bipozar: Gnome draconic stone warder sorcerer (love the long range on acid arrow);
a mysterious woman who looks like a Changeling monk;
Suremoth, a tiefling fighter with OP full plate armor (bought first, then enchanted) and a special warhammer;
Cinderheart, a catfolk who is a swashbuckler with a level of bard.

So, are you running two different games of Giantslayer?

What kind of tiefling? I think there's at least one variant that grants a bonus to Strength, it's in the Blood of Fiends book.

What's "OP" full plate armor?

All the original party members died in the first book, so we brought on replacements. The second tiefling (different player) is Oni-Spawn (+2 Str, +2 Wis, -2 Cha). The armor is +1 mithral full plate with light fortification (that character came in at level 4).

I expect that the Stone Warder sorcerer archetype will be useful for most of the campaign. The stonelord paladin dwarvish archetype looks impressive also.

Bipozar wrote:

All the original party members died in the first book, so we brought on replacements. The second tiefling (different player) is Oni-Spawn (+2 Str, +2 Wis, -2 Cha). The armor is +1 mithral full plate with light fortification (that character came in at level 4).

I expect that the Stone Warder sorcerer archetype will be useful for most of the campaign. The stonelord paladin dwarvish archetype looks impressive also.

Quick tip: Poke your players into taking Stealth Synergy at 3rd or 5th level. It will make things MUCH easier when you try to ambush the orcs at Redlake Fort in the second book, and also when you attack the frost giants in their armed encampment later. Basically, it enables the entire party to use the best Stealth check they can come up with.

Silver Crusade

My group has experienced some changes. Some experienced a glorious death or not. The group now consists of:

Sajna Grimalkin: Female Angelkin aasimar, Spirit Guide Lunar Oracle, she's still alive, one of the few.
Emrig: Male Dwarf, Goliath Druid, it is the second survivor of the original group


Regnar Stonebreaker, Male Dwarf, Stonelord
Mura Aki, Male Oni-spawn Tiefling, Falcata specialized Magus
Khalida, Female Keleshite Human, Swashbuckler, Urban Barbarian and Dawnflower Dervish Bard, tank of the group
Ashe, Male Varisian Human, Ranger with a bow.

They reached level 12, and are now carefully scour the grave of Skirtala.

Current group is level 11, been few deaths but as it currently stands

Human Sorcerer - enchantment specialist
Human Ranger - Archer
Halfing Mounted Cavalier - focused on charging
Dwarf cleric - tank
(which can get AC of 43 full buffed against giants pretty insane)

My party just started Hill Giant's Pledge.

Half-Orc Goliath Druid 4 -- spell support/secondary melee; Student of Giant-kind
Human Infiltrator Ranger 3/Feral Hunter 1 -- archery focused; Trunau Native
Human Skald 4 -- spell support/secondary melee; Dwarven trained
Dwarf Brawler 4 -- Dwarven hatred style frontliner; Trunau native
Elf Alchemist 4 -- Bombs and skill focused; Artifact hunter (replaced Wizard below)

No Longer Playing:

Tiefling Slayer 2 - Sword and Board, Trunau native (left due to RL)
Grippli Wizard 4 - Transmutation specialist, artifact hunter (moved away after book 1)

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Surprised the infiltrator dipped into something else. My son's full ranger with a large wolf (booned) is a merciless killer in this AP.

taks wrote:
Surprised the infiltrator dipped into something else. My son's full ranger with a large wolf (booned) is a merciless killer in this AP.

He wanted a little more magic at his disposal and liked the flexibility of Animal Aspect.

I will note the tallest member of our party is a dwarf. We call ourselves Little people party. (All level 9)

  • Dwarf Ranger/Sky Seeker (Favored Enemy: Giants of course)
  • Gnome Life Oracle
  • Halfling Unchained Rogue (Vexing Dodger)
  • Grippli Swashbuckler (Mouser)
  • Gnome Witch (Hex Channeler)
  • Wayang Fighter (Lore Warden)/Wizard (Diviner)/Eldritch Knight (Archer... my character!) :)

Our noble party consists of:

Bradley, human fighter, Gorum worshipper, and Trunau militia member, an honorable if slightly immoral soldier.
Grimshaw, dwarven fighter, untouchable tank and generally ball of furious rampage.
Zug-zug, the goblin rogue. Now that he has Hellcat Stealth, he's basically invisible, all the time.
Iolona, cleric of Pharasma and walking nuclear bomb (because negative energy channels).
and Zandu, psychic fortune teller who blew up a squirrel's brain by looking at it funny to prove his value to the party.

Sovereign Court

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My party has just started book 1, having finished our first day together and gone to bed in our separate abodes.

Our cast of characters is currently:
- Malachai - 2nd level human warpriest of Arqueros (reach build). He is from Lastwall but has been living in Trunau 6 years now. He has a room at the Sanctuary.
- Kairah - 2nd level half-elf swashbuckler (mouser archetype). She is a local and lives with her parents in their home.
- Ian Stormarm - 2nd level human gunslinger (musket master archetype). He is also a local and has a bunk in the barracks.

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We just attempted an Amber Die style speedrun last weekend. It was amazing! We started on Friday afternoon and played though Monday afternoon.

We finished book 1, finished book 2, and finished 1/3 of book 3. All dwarves!

Papa Battlehammer - 242 year old lore oracle/paladin and mentor of the group

Baelin Battlehammer - 160 year old Battle Scion Skald, son of Papa

Barrim Battlehammer - 60 year old Drill Sergeant fighter, great-grandson of Papa

Hralind Battlehammer - 140 year old Ranger, daughter of Papa

Thorlek Battlehammer - 100 year old Fighter, grandson of Papa

Devlin D'Tayls - 40 year old Arcanist, great-grandson of Papa. My character, a brown fur transmuter, just got access to Monstrous Physique II, so he'll be turning the ranger and reach fighter into Tikbalang ASAP to activate the "Doomhorse technique".

Multiple PCs use reach weapons, arcanist casts enlarge person, Oradin/Skald buff party, hilarity ensues. Thorlek utilizes throwing hammers and startoss comet (our only ranged option).

We craft all our own gear. A few of the artifacts are being utilized, but for the most part we have crafted our own equipment. The only proper gear for a Dwarf!

We are trying to schedule part 2 of our adventure time (memorial weekend or 4th of July), so hopefully more updates this summer.

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Realized I haven't updated my party roster:

After the tragic death of Patches at the end of Book 1 to a

Hill Giant Skeleton
. The character's player had to bow out due to study commitments.

So I invited three more players to the game. Current roster:

Vex Blackened Blade Half-Orc Fighter 1/Wizard 4
Tink Changeling Druid 5
Bizarch Undead Lord Cleric of Rhazool 5
Gell Human Shoanti Titan-Mauler Barbarian 5
Ourania "Rita" Oread Rogue 4/Alchemist 1
Pierrick Grippli Mouser Swashbuckler 5.

About to hit the

Vault of Thorns
, but I turned Book 2 into a Sandbox, so maybe not depending on player's choices.

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Just reached the Ghostlight Marsh in Chapter 2 with the following party:

Male Human Kineticist (fire) 4
Female Tiefling Rogue 4
Female Kitsune Shaman 4
Male Dwarven Warpriest (Torag) 4
Male Half-Elven Fighter 1/Ranger 3

Observations thus far:

The ranger's favored enemy bonus on orcs has been really well-used.

Amusingly, the rogue's player, who based the character on he idea of a Korvosan Watch member in pursuit of a fugitive, has tried to arrest for proper trial every named bad guy she could. It only worked once, but the idea of a rogue trying to arrest all these folks has tickled the heck out of us.

The warpriest (first time for the class in our group) has worked out well so far swapping from healer to melee fighter.

The shaman (first time for the class in our group), especially once they got their second spirit, has been one of the best combat healing management characters we've seen.

The kineticist (also the first time for the class in the group) has been really effective thus far, provided he can stay out of melee range.

Player here, a handful of encounters into Book 5 with:

Turok Steelfist Male Half-Orc Fighter (Martial Master) 12/Ranger 1 Trunau Native
-His cohort Stoney Male Human Bard 7/Ranger 4 Trunau Native
Alanna Blackdiamond Female Dwarven Cleric of Sarenrae 13 Vexing Defender
Xenika Woods Female Human Unchained Rogue 13 Trunau Native
Heqat Half-Orc Conjurer 13 Vexing Defender (my character)
-His cohort Rosaria Sabitini Illusionist 11

We have maintained our original party from the first session somehow and have a semi-Breakfast Club thing going on; Turok being the spoiled jock who is Halgra's son, Xenika being the emo kid who learned to sneak around to get away from strict parents, Heqat being the nerd who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks - you know, Orc country - but escaped, and Alanna as the outcast Dwarf kicked out of her home for converting to Sarenrae worship. So we all love Trunau as being our safe haven and we spent a good deal of gold and effort to make it better after the events of Book 1. Once the

Storm Tyrant
business is dealt with, which the party views as more annoying than life-threatening, they plan to conquer Belkzen Orc clan by Orc clan and make Trunau the capital (because they plan to ally with the Oathkeeper Dwarves and give Urgir back to them in exchange for help taking down the current regime). The general idea is if we can conquer the orcs we can work to change the culture (our characters also plan to live hundreds of years if not indefinitely), so rather than having to constantly worry about defending Trunau and give out grisly Hope Knives to 12 year olds, we can make our enemies our allies.

Just started the campaign 4 weeks ago.

Ogrin Stonefire - Dwarf Magus
Bolgram Bearsclaw - Dwarf Cleric (Forgemaster)
Legolas - Elf Ranger
Saboli - Catfolk Slayer
Olrik - Human Unchained Rogue

They don't know that the Campaign is giantthemed yet, since I didn't want them to focus on that too much.

They solved the clues in Trunau so far and cleared the upper floor of the plaguehouse, but had to retreat because of massive STR damage...

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Just started on New Years Eve.

I am the GM with 5 players.

Turtok Orcbane - Human Ranger (spirit ranger)

Renka Orcbaner - Human Unchained Barbarian (drunken brute / invulnerable rager) (Becoming a Sorcerer then Dragon Disciple)

Villanelle - Elf (forlorn) Transmuter (enhancement) (Only Trunau resident)

Summer ShinyPenny - Halfling Unchained Rogue

Fortunatos - Gnome Cleric of Desna

The Orcbanes are brother and sister.

The party's investigation started of with a couple interviews. They then convinced the High Priest to cast a speak with dead.
How did you die? I don't know.
What were you investigating? The plague house.

Off they go to the plague house. Some bad luck and were forced to retreat. We ended there.

Our Party for Giantslayer is all Dwarves from the Clan Brandberg

We have

Thorin Oakenshild A multiclass mix set for Vengeance on the Giants and tripping them.
Baerdash (Ash) GloomhammerA Theologian Cleric of Fire
Bartimaeus Baedard An Envoker with ties to Thassolian Magic
Bulvados Glemm A Titan Mauler Barbarian
Goldorn Greyoath A Deep Marshall
Jarn Diefenbach A Beastmaster (and soon to have a Saber Tooth Tiger/Dire Tiger Companion

Giant Slayer CampaignThis is our Obsidian Portal to see all the Images and what else we are doing

Oh, let me join this thread ressurrection.

My party has:

Korvak of the Blackened Blades (conjurer wizard), a half-orc son of Halgra, who works as bureaucrat in the militia.

Helga (fighter), a dwarf who is a tavern owner.

Gar'Ysha Bloodfang (ranger), a half-orc stablemaster who is all about mounted combat.

Gor'Yshun (oracle), Gar'Yshas' crippled brother who helps her at the stables.

The Bloodfang siblings fled their orc tribe with their mother, who died on the way.

Just did the assassins attack yesterday. One assassin for each PC, infiltrating their houses during their sleep. Thankfully everybody rolled high on their perception. The Bloodfang siblings almost died but were saved by a goblin who appeared from nowhere, stabbed the assassin, took a bread from the table and left by the window without a single word - not the hero they want, but the one they need.

The mysterious goblin is the fifth player, who is yet to show up, but I used his character as a NPC when the situation was dire.

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We have just finished the plague house, our party consists of the following..

Adler Redwald Human ranger2 outsider stopped by because he was in the neighborhood, who has proven himself very skilled in combat, even if he cants see in the dark

Clarke Daemon Elvish Enhancer (Transmuter1/Cleric Sarenrae1) that has worked at Cham's Inn for a hundred years and is a native to Trunau.

Dayz a drow slayer up here for some reason he casts no shadow and has been questioning the only assassin that survived for a full 30 hours now.

Grrunt a halforc barbarian who was dwarf trained and raised by the same rich parents as Varros.

Varros Koldukar a dwarven hunter/gunslinger a noble scion of war, who is on the payroll of professor Lorrimor with rich parents and a native of trunau and very meticulous who seeks to reclaim his family former sky castle.

Zxael a Snivfneblin Cleric of Brigh who is Denying the Reaper, trained by the dwarven Koldukar family with rich merchant parents who were jewelers and miners.

There is also a dwarven cleric of Sarenrae 1 who has not been able to make it yet due to work.

FINALLY get to start running this this weekend! My group is thus;

-Dwarven Oracle of Stone
-Dwarven Unchained Rogue
-Drow Arcanist (keeps hidden in veils and masks)
-Half-orc Druid; Nature Herbalist
-Human Brawler Shield Champion
-Human Sword'n'Board Fighter

Greatly looking forward to it!

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(is this REALLY thread Necro if you are just starting?)

Looks like our start is 3/7.

Imago - Half-drow Magus from Korvosa, out to sign on Roderick Garth for a one-year stint writing and directing performances in Korvosa.
Ithrodel - Half-elf Witch also from Korvosa who bartered her future with a coven for what she hopes will be eternal beauty. Coming to Trunau to pay respects to the memory of a recently dead uncle.

The second-oldest of Halgra's children
Half-orc Barbarian, more or less a native of Trunau and looking to make a name for himself.
Darphus - Dwarf Fighter & Neba - Dwarf Cleric, cousins from Janderhoff who feel called by destiny to Trunau (feeling the weight of responsibility for tens of thousands of possible deaths if they do not make the journey.)

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The party finished their investigations within the day by splitting up, and are heading to the Plague House next session. Here's what I've got to work with.

Kempf, Human Cavalier.
Came from Three Pines Ford in Lastwall. Headed to Trunau after rumors of artifacts and fey both pointed him to the general area.

Tenzen Zograthi, Human Cavalier (musketeer).
Born in Magnimar, he moved to Trunau as a young man. Works in the militia directly under Omast, aiming to one day get his promotion.

Jorun, Human Warpriest.
Son of Nirmathas' current Forest Marshal. Seeking strength and experience to succeed his father, he began traveling. Recruited to the Trunau militia at Rodrik's behest.

Daxel, Human Unchained Rogue (vexing dodger).
Moved with his mother to Trunau at a young age. He earned a hope knife at the age of 12, although he doesn't feel the same pride as other Trunauans.

Divina, Elf Ranger.
She lives in the foothills near Trunau. Visits town to sell game she doesn't need, and works with the militia as a scout of sorts.

Silver Crusade

Our campaign has made some changes, in number of players and extensive use of the retraining via downtime and some just deciding to stay in X location and make a new character to continue onwards with. Our initial GM ran books 1 and 2 and half of book 3, ive taken over DMing for the scavenger hunt of history and last half of book 3 as our route brought us to backtracking. No spoilers in here.

Our Party now Consists of the following Heroes (13 in told if everyone shows up, as you can see from levels and downtime earn xp results some make it every week, some are not as often that they can make it)
L11 Adler, Human Ranger with a Monkey Companion from the Vault of Thorns and the wielder of Gorum's Thorn.(Traveler first time in Trunau was for Ruby's Nameday Celebration)
L10 Celembrimbor the Silver-handed, Fetchling Sanctified Rogue4/ Warsighted Oracle8 wielder of Heartspit (was a passenger on the boat that ended up joining us)
L11 Clarke Daemon, elven cleric/wizard/Mystic Theurge real owner of the inn of trunau, fascinated with skulls and collects one from each species we encounter. (came to trunau a century ago after a great personal loss, owns the Inn)
L01 Dredoc, Half Orc/Elf Bard we just rescued him from a cage some giants were draging him around in and making him sing and dance for them..
L10 Grumog, Half Orc Fighter (Armor Master) weilder of the Keenest greatsword anyone has ever seen (was a sailor on the boat that ended up joining us)
L10 Jooose, Undine Shifter Owl, Bear, Wolverine (was an initiate of Silvermane who joined us after Elbow the orc barbarian died in crushers fall)
L11 Ingirhild Nargyrmkin, Dwarven Ranger/Cernasardo Warden 1 wielder of the keenest dwarven waraxe anyone has ever seen. (elder twin of Umlo)
L10 (blanking on name) Halfling Samurai who wields of all things an underwater heavy crossbow that seems to need no bolts,The rider of Pingo a Camel who is both a drake and giant slayer.
L11 Thorne, Halfelf/orc Cavalier standard bearer 3/ skald wardrummer 3/ battle herald 5 (was a standard bearer serving in the trunau guards that picked up a drum along the way)
L10 Umlo Nargyrmkin, Dwarven Fighter4/Rogue6 master of the flaming skillet and icey spatula (younger twin of Ingrihild)
L11 Yamiel Moon Elf Investigator (he stumbled into our midsts with a teleport gone awry and has been helping us for a while)
L11 Zaxel, Svirfneblin Cleric of Brigh, wielder of Agrimmosh successor of Uskorth (also served in the trunau guards)

Im playing as L12 Varros Koldukar, Dwarf Hunter7, Gunslinger 2, Shield Marshal 3 of Trunau, companion of shewolf known as "The Scent of Cinnamon upon the winds under the light of the full moon" or Luna to others.

A decade ago i ran Curse of the Crimson Throne.:

Varros's parents and elder brother were NPCs that died in an almost TPK. When we started this AP as its located in kinda the same region but years later thought would be interesting to revisit their son and see what had happened to him over the years, he still has a sister that is only 32 so still young by dwarf standards alive within Trunau, a couple of months ago..

Even though its been thousands of years since his greatX-grandsire lost the family sky-Citadel to the orcs Varros sees it his family goal to reclaim what was lost.

After his parents died spent all the funds his noble (rich) parents left him to purchase(900g)a commission in the Trunau Patrol as a patrol leader of one, He spend the dozen years that had passed since his parents and brothers death working with nearly every traveler that came into town, becoming a master cartographer but giving away his maps for free to the Patrol and those the council requested a copy for.

Basically he bought a MW Cartography Studio and donated it to the town. They gave him a uniform and a token rank within his own division of cartographers in command of nobody but cartographers in the patrol of, which he was the only one to serve in 12 years).. So Varros started as a patrol leader, in command of just himself, and really he listened more to Luna's commands as she claimed under the light of a truth candle to be centuries old.

As is his right as a Dwarven Royal Decedent within Koldukar Lands he has commissioned an army of one, himself he has called the "Koldukar Cartographers." He has since been promoted to a Captain along the way for various deeds (as represented by the 3 shield marshal levels, luna just become large two days ago in the story at 12th.) by the eldest Koldukar (himself)

As Varros has been our tales chronicler, next level he will be sidestepping into the Pathfinder Chronicler PrC. Assuming that someone other then a PC buys one of his travel maps, or journals as hes so used to giving them away for free..

Varros is only a couple thousand xp into 12th, those at 11th are all under 3000 XP away from 12. slight xp bonus for coming in costume and ive been in costume for half a year
He even still wears and mends his trunau guard uniform every day, with significant trim now though under furs as its 08 Kuthona 4715, Tomorrow is a New Moon and Yesterday was the Pseudodragon Festival and while we didnt get to see the mass migration, we did befriend a family of fire drakes and help their brood mother get out of the cave she was in yesterday..)

That is a lot of party there! Sounds cool though!

So far we are 1/4 into Book 3. The original party is still preserved.

Kowa Rivers - Human Ranger 8, switch-hitter, with her pack animal trusty steed Toursan (the horse from book 2). A native of Trunau. A hereditary guardsman, her father, and his father were in the patrol too. Big family. She has things to protect... She's in the Trunau militia, was promoted after book 1, and is a sargent now. She took Omast as her cohort, the middle aged (now sober) coot was happy to help out his patrol buddy.

Vrun Laringfas - Halfling Vexing Dodger Rogue 8. Brother to the Laringfas household that own the largest tavern in Trunau. Was exiled a few year back for shady dealings, spend a few years in Barter Town, now he's back and... well, he's there for a bit of fame, a bit of glory, a bit of money and a bit of clearing out his name... and a lot of "way in over his head".

Kelkard and Felkard - Reincarnation Druid 8 and his Ferret animal companion. Many years ago, Kelkards father was saved by a Nidalan Uskwood druid, and had to give his son to serve the circle. Nearing his late years Kelkard had visions, a change of fate, he renounced his connection to Uskwood and sought forgiveness int he light of Sarenray for all the things he did in life, serving the Uskwood circle... his visions led him home to Trunau.

Erin the Kid. Half-elf Evoker Witch 8. A young half-elf and protege of Silvermane, who looked after the kid once his father left him with the old Elf. He doesn't remember much beyond his life in Trunau... but his connection to the plane of negative energy is uncanny, and has weird connotations for certain events to come.

Two-Bird Nakano, a human ninja originally hired as a protector by the wealthy parents of:

Haakon Coalbreaker, a young rich dwarven dark tapestry Oracle slowly going mad, but calmed by the presence of:

Esky, a sylph fighter devoted to Gozreh and always trying to convert:

Siegfried Enroi, a gnomish mesmerist and children’s entertainer who was in Trunau working Ruby’s birthday party.

Great Stealth scores across the board. Infiltration/hit-and-run mentality for the most part.

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