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So, I am fairly new to Pathfinder, have played several games around here, but have not been involved in this actual society thing. I am looking for any groups in or near Rexburg.

Please note that I do not have a car, so without a ride elsewhere, my options are limited to local.

Welcome Ya'akov!

I thought there was a VL in Pocatello, but they are no longer listed. I do get frequent invites through Facebook from (I think) Idaho Falls, but that is the closest to Rexburg I have seen so far. Let me know if you want the FB link. Logan UT is farther than Poci to you right? That might also be an option if it is, but I haven't looked there for PFS.

EDIT: Ashton is our current VC.

Boise is fairly active and in Moscow we do a lot with Pullman, WA. If you want to set something up yourself, I will be happy to walk you through it. ('Tis how I learned :)

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I would recommend, if you are connected on Facebook, checking out the Idaho Pathfinder Society Group. They should be able to give you a starting point.

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