Nonlethal kinetic blade


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Can a kineticist (geokinetic in my case) deal nonlethal damage with a kinetic blade accepting the usual -4 penalty.


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No. You are never considered to be "wielding" the blade, so you can't take the option to do non-lethal with it.

As a houserule, I allow metakinesis to allow a merciful blast for +0 burn.

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You can deal nonlethal damage with any kinetic blast* that allows an attack roll, provided you take the -4 penalty.

We know this thanks to the phytokineticist's Merciful Foliage utility power, from Occult Origins, which allows you to negate the penalty for dealing nonlethal damage--which quite heavily implies that the standard is the above. It would be a completely useless utility power otherwise.

* This may or may not be limited to physical blasts.

I'm starting another thread about this, since I've been meaning to ask a similar question for a while now anyways.

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