Stacking Class Features for Brawler and Monk

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Hello friends,

Simple question: do class features for Brawler and Monk stack with each other, and if not then how does one determine in what way they interact? Of obvious interest are the two flurries and the two AC Bonus class features.

Thanks in advance!

they don't stack and you use the best/any that apply.
flurries don't interact at all, you would have two separate full attack actions and they'd behave separately.

The AC bonus just applies as normal If you have a +1 from monk and a +1 from brawler and the conditions for both are met, aka you're a lv8 character 4 in brawler and 4 in monk and you're wearing no armor then you get you'd have a +2 to your AC.

Their unarmed strike damage is tracked separately and you'd use the highest available. AKA at lv6 a monk 3 brawler 3 would still only do 1d6 with their punches.

Why are you wanting to combine them? They really don't work well together as a multiclass.

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