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So, I have recently completed book three of Carrion Crown, and there's been a mildly unexpected development. One of the PC's in my game has become obsessed with becoming the next packlord. Unfortunately for her, there's a major impediment in her way for this accomplishment: She's a tiefling. As such, getting afflicted by lycanthropy is literally impossible for her. However, as she explored the packs in the area, she discovered what she thinks is a way for her to get what she wants. Namely, she discovered Jezelda. As the campaign has progressed, she has slowly grown to realize that Jezelda is her best chance to get what she wants, and has actually thrown in with worshiping her after meeting with the Jezeldan pack in Feldgrau. She's since managed to take control of the tribe by dominating the Antipaladin in charge, as she found him to be somewhat incompitent in her eyes.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to reward the character and player for this move. I'm thinking of simply making her a werewolf regardless of her actual creature type. However, given how the rest of the campaign is set up, I find myself wondering if this will be too disruptive to later affairs. And so, I find myself in need of advice. Who among you have had members of your party turn into lycanthropes, and how has it turned out for you?

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My party's dhampir cleric/holy vindicator became a werewolf. Things could be worse.

The main thing I'd be worried about is the power boost, but that will vary based on what class she is and what her stats are.

Is the character planning to continue the campaign? If not, sure let her become a werewolf. If yes, may be hard to rule the Shutterwood while not in the Shutterwood. You can ignore the humanoid only aspect of the curse and let her become a werewolf. But don't let her gain control of her beastial forms (which is the default for all unnatural lycanthropes) until she does something major in the name of Jezelda, like slay an emissary of another god (end of book 4).
In terms of game balance, depends on if her class benefits greatly from the template. But I'd probably let her take control in place of a level up.

Note, all my PCs ended up getting lycanthropy, but all cured themselves, save one who let the beast control him and tried to kill the party.

Ah, yes! How could I have forgotten to mention her class... She is a Pitborn Tiefling Bard with the Dervish Dancer archetype. Stats after figuring in magic items are as follows:

Str - 12
Dex - 16
Con - 15
Int - 12
Wis - 10
Chas - 22

The werewolf template (when not in werewolf form) hinders her more than it helps (+2 Wis, -2 Cha) and only a minor buff while hybrid/beast form. I'd still say she doesn't initially have full control while in hybrid/beast form because she is an afflicted lycanthrope. Certainly not the first time she transforms (see first full moon), but as I mentioned maybe she has to do something in the name of Jezelda or overcome some other personal test (to suppress the beast). Compare to Duristan becoming a Jezeldan werewolf.
I suppose her current alignment would make a difference as well (Jezelda is evil iirc, so I'd assume the PC is already at least neutral)

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I just finished reading the novel Prince of Wolves. You may want to use that story as inspiration, as one of its protagonists is a tiefling who is able to take control of a pack of werewolves even though he is immune to lycanthropy.

Well, she could take the Demonic Obedience feat:
1: Gift of the Moon (Sp) charm animal 3/day, summon nature’s ally II (1 fiendish wolf or 1d3 wolves only) 2/day, or beast shape I 1/day
2: Afflicted Lycanthrope (Su) You contract lycanthropy and become a werewolf (even if you normally couldn’t gain that template). If you are already a werewolf, you become a true lycanthrope. If you are already a true lycanthrope, you gain a +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution.
3: True Lycanthrope (Su) You can use your lycanthropic change shape ability as a swift action. You become a true lycanthrope if you were an afflicted lycanthrope. If you are already a true lycanthrope, you gain another +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution.

Of course, Jezelda has a nasty obedience, both impractical and counterproductive to making friends:
Under the night sky, you must offer up prayers to the moon. On nights when there is no moon, you must supplement your prayers by sacrificing an intelligent creature of your own race by tearing out its throat with your teeth and feeding on the still-warm body. Gain a +4 profane bonus on all saving throws made when the moon is visible in the night sky.

Yes, but the problem with Demonic Obedience is the slow kick-in for what she really wants (16th level means it's nearly by the end of the campaign). Add in the fact that she'd have to search for tieflings to sacrifice in Ustalav.... Yeah.

But on the other hand, it's completely rules-legal.

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mourge40k wrote:

Yes, but the problem with Demonic Obedience is the slow kick-in for what she really wants (16th level means it's nearly by the end of the campaign). Add in the fact that she'd have to search for tieflings to sacrifice in Ustalav.... Yeah.

But on the other hand, it's completely rules-legal.

Let her 'retrain' her outsider heritage and free language (might need to require her to spend a skill point on Linguistics to keep it) and take Pass for Human. It's the tiefling version of Scion of Humanity.

Bam, she's human. She can sacrifice tieflings or humans.

Oh, but wait... she can be bitten and turned now.

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If your campaign uses alternate racial traits, you can retrain a racial trait. This takes 20 nonconsecutive days and requires a trainer with the racial trait you want. The replacement trait must be an appropriate one from your racial list. The old and new racial traits must replace the same standard racial trait. For example, the magic resistant and stubborn alternate dwarven traits replace the hardy standard trait, so you can retrain one of those for the other.
Pass for Human, Inner Sea Races wrote:

Replaces Languages, Subtype, Type

Discrimination against tieflings with horrifically fiendish features is so intense that even tieflings look up to those precious few of their kind who can pass as human. These tieflings have otherworldly features that are so subtle, they aren’t often noticed unless the tiefling points them out (for example, eyes that flash red in the throes of passion, or fingernails that are naturally hard and pointed). Such a tiefling doesn’t need to succeed at a Disguise check to appear to be human and count as humanoid (human) as well as outsider (native) for all purposes (such as humanoid-affecting spells like charm person or enlarge person). The tiefling does not automatically gain his associated outsider language (but may select it as a bonus language if his Intelligence score is high enough), and he may not select other racial traits that would grant him obviously fiendish features (such as the fiendish sprinter, maw or claw, prehensile tail, scaled skin, or vestigial wings alternate racial traits listed in the Advanced Race Guide). This ability alters the tiefling’s type, subtype, and languages.

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