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Oh most awesome customer service: The green peanuts from hell clawed their way into my Dragon Age rulebook, slightly damaging a few pages and mauling the included poster map.
Since I do own the individual boxed sets, I am not to vexed about the damaged map (and the damage to the pages is nothing substancial), but since that happened before (Occult Adventures and Inner Sea Races: damaged pages, Freeport: damaged map) I thought I should inform you about the problem, so maybe you can think of something to spare other hardover books (at least those with maps attached to them) from the green menace.
Thank you, oh most awesome customer service.

Customer Service Representative

Hello feytharn,

Thank you for the feedback, we have passed it along. If you're able can you send us a picture or two at customer.service@paizo.com that we can also pass along? I am sending you an email about the book.

Scarab Sages

Oh most awesome customer service: The damage to the books is not that substancial and probably hard to catch with my very limited photo skills, but I will send you a picture of the damged map(s) some time during the weekend. I have also responded to your email.
Have a great weekend!

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