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I'm fairly certain I've got this right now, but I've been playing it incorrectly long enough that I wanted to post and make sure. Last night, we were playing the Pleasure Center scenario, and on my first turn I drew the villain. Each of our characters were spread out to one of the locations, so all the locations could be temp closed. The character at the Yearning House had no chance of succeeding at the check to temp close, but they did have the Lexicon of Paradox in hand. I remembered a previous forum post that established that the effects of temp closing were not the same as closing, and so we decided that temp closing was not closing and the Lexicon of Paradox didn't apply.

It occurred to me later that Blessings of Gozreh shouldn't allow you to add two dice to an attempt to temp close (we had been playing that it could), since according to the rulebook, you aren't actually making a check to close the location, you're just fufilling the "When Closing" requirements.

Am I overthinking this? Is temp closing considered a type of closing for the purpose of "any check to close a location" or "attempts to close that location"? Or am I correct that temp closing is completely unrelated, other than happening to require you to fulfill the "When Closing" requirements of a location?

The Lexicon should work as you'd be attempting to close. The only difference is temp close will open again and you don't get the 'when permanently closed' effects.

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Temp closing is still closing; any powers that help you close therefore help you temp close. The difference is what powers apply afterwards -- temp closing does not trigger any powers that happen when a location is closed (no matter what card has those powers). Blessing of Gozreh therefore does add 2 dice to checks made to temp close a location.

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Ah, that makes sense. Thank you. I think I was just vastly overthinking things because a one turn win felt so much like cheating XD

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Yep, the scenarios are usually designed to make that extraordinarily difficult, but this one only has a number of locations equal to the number of players so as long as you don't need to slog through the Pleasure Center you can "cheat" it a bit.

That said, you probably got a better game out of letting her escape there I suspect. :)

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