Has anyone got the Adventurer's Guide yet?

4th Edition

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Mine is on the way, but we're usually a few weeks behind the US.

I'm curious how the new Archetypes compare with the ones in the Player's Handbook.

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Not many. The first 100+ pages is all forgotten realms campaign setting. There are a few new subraces and class archetypes but not that many. Not every class nor race get something new. It looks good, but not "OMG AMAZING!!!"

Mind you, I got it earlier today and I haven't gone too in depth with it yet. Just my initial scan.

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Cheers. I'm not really looking for huge quantity - my main concern is that they're not all strictly better than the PH archetypes/subraces.

I think a 'player's guide to the FR' is a good idea, given the adventurers all seem to be set there. (Even though I don't have any use for that myself).

Fingers crossed mine doesn't take the usual month or so to wend it's way down here... :/

I got my hand on it and as I haven't fully read every page, I can say that even if it's a setting book, it's kept fairly open so you can grab part of it to put in your homebrew, and that you don't feel to rigid if you decide to play in the Realms.

On the crunch side, the new archetype are somewhat balanced. Battlerager, Bladesinger, and Purple Knight have racial/regionnal restriction, but those can be lifted by your DM. Swashbuckler and Storm Sorcerer from UA made it into the book with a few modifications (fixing those ablities that were a bit OP). The new oath of the Crown seem nice for those who wants to play a knight serving a lord. Nothing new for Bard, Druid or Ranger, except for fluff.

Overall I like it alot. I'm not a fan of the Realms, but the open endness of the book, is a big plus toward using the setting for released adventures, instead to convert them to another setting.

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No Harper bard, druid, or ranger??? Weaksauce!

In fact they give fluff saying that bards in the Harpers are more often lore bard, and that Uthgard have valor bard, but those try not to display their magical talent as it is still consider sorcery by other Uthgard. Most druids encountered in the Sword Coast/North, weither member of the Harpers or any other organisation are mostly circle of the land druids. Unfortunatly I don't remember the write up on the Rangers, but I thinks it's more about races than region or organisation.

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Well, at least they included some fluff from the other 4 editions of D&D.

I mostly do homebrew stuff or play in converted Golarian APs, so this product may not be the best fit for my gaming needs. :-P

I like it. I hope they do Dark Sun and Greyhawk volumes as well.

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Will you bring it on Sunday?

I got mine a few days ago from the local hobby shop around my college. The book is interesting, but it didn't really impress me as much as I thought it should. There are some new class options and a few new cantrips in the back, but that is it. There are no new subraces: Only modifications to the tiefling meant to bring it back in line with tieflings of older editions. Those changes are more cosmetic then mechanical, save for tieflings with wings.

That isn't to say I don't like the options provided by the book. Those provided are excellent and pretty awesome to boot. Just as an example, monks of the long death are their own unique type of monk, along with a sun soul monk that can shoot radiant blasts of energy.

I'm actually surprised no new monsters were introduced in the book. The forgotten realms, particularly the underdark, have some unique monsters not currently included in any of their 5e products. If DMs were looking forward to being reintroduced to deep dragons, draegloths, or hordes of gibberlings, we'll have to wait for a future product or convert them from previous editions.

It's otherwise a great introduction to the Realms for new players and a good point to jump in for those who missed out on the 4th edition Forgotten Realms supplement.

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