Has ran this AP as a non Mythic campaign?

Wrath of the Righteous


Just wondering if anyone has tried to run this AP as a non-mythic campaign.

I think the story behind the AP is cool. I have always been into "planar themed" stories.

But stories of the power level worry me.

So, just wondering if anyone has given the non-mythic thing a shot.




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There are a couple of threads were this has been discussed earlier:

Advice from those who have run it before

Starting non-mythic

Tips for making this campaign harder

It is probably quite helpful to look there :-)

Personally I'm running non-mythic and used the suggestion provided in the book on how to run as such. I've only reached module 3, but so far that has resulted in too easy a game so I've applied at least an advanced template to all creatures in all encounters and more to boss battles.

Probably depends quite a bit on the party you are GM'ing but if you want to run without changing encounters I'd either skip the stat or level boost suggested for non-mythic. Personally though I rather like to incorporate the feel of mythic without actually using the mythic rules, so I prefer modifying the encounters to not making them feel special :-)

Thanks! I Really like the idea behind this AP, but am not so wild about making it mythic as it seems broken (from what people have said).

Thanks again!



Hey Roger! This is Gary. We've played ASL before.

I'm currently running a WotR campaign without mythic. It's pretty fun so far. I'm writing an ongoing campaign journal in this thread:

http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2rxaa?Wrath-of-the-Righteous-Campaign-Journal-S ummary


ASL???? Only crazy OCD people play that damn game HUGE SMILE

From what I remember, you kicked my ass!


I will check out your thread........



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