Looking to GM Online for PFS. How to make it legal.

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I am looking to start an online PFS game using Roll20. I was just wondering how I would make everything legal. How do I get an event number, and such forth. I am looking for some wonderful advice from the great minds in this thread.

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Hey Gykrossin, welcome and thanks for stepping to the GM chair. To get an event number, you need to go to your "My Account" page and click on "Pathfinder Society" (about halfway down on left). You'll see three tabs, click on "GM/Event Coordinator". Then click on "Create New Event". There will be a series of drop down menus and fields to fill out. Select your game, venue (Online Play, a checkbox), uncheck the "event is public" box unless you want it listed on the Paizo upcoming events page (usually for conventions and gamedays), and select the scenario your going to run. RPG for "normal" PFS or PFC for Core.

Once you save that, you'll have an event number and a button labeled Report to report the game once finished.

As far as recruiting for your game, I suggest posting a recruitment thread, HERE (Where you posted this thread.)

Hope that helps.


If you are interested, I am part of a PFS Roll20 group that plays at Noon Eastern on Sundays. We rotate who runs. We have room for one more and could use someone who is interested in running.

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