Belated 5th Star Congratulations to... Tonya!

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I was remiss in not posting earlier to congratulate our very own Tonya Woldridge for achieving her 5th star just before Gencon. With the chaos of that con and its aftermath the official announcement got missed but as I had the pleasure of recommending her for that 5th star (street cred for me) I will take this chance to offer my hearty congratulations on an achievement well earned.

Now it's going to look like I'm just sucking up to the boss... Ha ha but Tonya is a very fun, skilled and awesome GM and has earned her place in the halls of PFS legend.

And I couldn't be more pleased to have her as our new Campaign Coordinator.

Sovereign Court

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Way to go Tonya! Glad you earned some of those stars helping out in Ottawa. Thanks for everything here, and all the best with the Coordinator gig in the future!

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Way to drop the ball Glen!

Congrats Tonya! Welcome to the island. I believe you'll have your own suite right next to Mike's. ;)

Grand Lodge

Belated congratulations!

Grand Lodge 4/5 ⦵⦵ Venture-Agent, Indiana—Decatur aka Kadasbrass Loreweaver

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You sure its wise to remind her you forgot to make her feel special back then?

Scarab Sages 5/5 Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane

Congratulations Tonya!!

Sovereign Court 5/5 Venture-Captain, Canada—Ontario—Ottawa aka The ShadowShackleton

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Yeah yeah only two months late isn't so bad is it? Hey what happened to all my stars? And why is my downloads file completely empty?

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Congrats, Tonya!

Grand Lodge

Woot! woot! Congrats!



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5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

Max grats, all the grats!

5/5 Venture-Captain, United Kingdom—England—Brighton aka Christine Brockley-Blatt

Many congratulations! Well done!

4/5 ⦵⦵⦵⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, United Kingdom—England—Peterborough aka dmwcarol

Congrats Tonya.

I have so many happy memories of games you ran for us while you were in the UK. Especially Wynsinga's first outing with Dunk and Donk in Jalmeray and the epicness that was Rise of the Runelords.

You'll always be one of my favourite GMs :)

Liberty's Edge 4/5

Congrats Tonya!!!!!

Silver Crusade 5/5 ⦵⦵ Venture-Captain, Germany—Bavaria

Congratulations to our glorious leader ^^

Venture-Agent, Canada—Ontario—Ottawa aka Mistwalker

Congratulations Tonya!

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