Calm Emotions and Psychic Spells: Is it considered harmful?


The wording on the emotional component part of psychic spell leaves ambiguity where calm emotions spell is concerned. Whether it is considered harmful or helpful is entirely situational. The same calm emotions spell that stops party members from fleeing in terror is also the same calm emotions that negates the benefits of a rage spell. They also give the tranquility psychic both mantle of calm and calm emotions, which wouldn't make sense if they saw it as a spell that has negative benefits for the psychic (mantle of calm is clearly supposed to be benign).

Has there been a ruling on the effects calm emotions has on psychic spells or is it still left up for interpretation for now?

Calm Emotions wrote:
This spell calms agitated creatures. You have no control over the affected creatures, but calm emotions can stop raging creatures from fighting or joyous ones from reveling. Creatures so affected cannot take violent actions (although they can defend themselves) or do anything destructive. Any aggressive action against or damage dealt to a calmed creature immediately breaks the spell on all calmed creatures.

Calm Emotions does nothing for the Psychic Spell components. It instead limits actions and benefits of a creature. In Rage cases, it ends and they no longer receive the benefits. In Fear cases, it's suppressed until the Calm Emotions spell ends (which can end prematurely if attacked). The same is also said for all Morale bonuses, which are suppressed until the spell ends.

In all cases, creatures cannot make attacks or perform hostile actions. This is the only RAW basis for which players cannot use Psychic Spells, but this only limits hostile Psychic Spells. Casting Shield in such a manner would be passible, but not Magic Missiles.

Hope that answers your question.

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