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Ok, I posted this question in another thread, but it's probably better to toss it up here where it will get more visibility.

I GM'ed the 5-6 table for this event just yesterday during an official Online Convention and:

The House achieved 44 Victory Points for an Impressive Performance, but failed to stop or convince the BBEG. So the overall mission failed and everyone was caught in Earthfall. I'm not sure of the other tables, but mine specifically kept their Kreighton Shaine instance alive for Part 3.

So if the NPC was kept alive (Part 3 ended the moment we moved into the Conclusion) and the House scored 44 pts for the Impressive Performance, doesn't that satisfy the requirement for the 2nd Prestige point?

The Overseer/Head organizer says no. I think yes. Anyone have an official ruling on this? Maybe I'm just missing something. It IS a large packet packed full of detail, so that's possible.

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“Impressive Performance” is only reported to the house if they avoid earthfall. I fail to see how failing the mission in part 3 and not surviving earthfall can be classed as an "Impressive Performance".

I'm really not trying to belabor a point or get into a debate about it. More trying to understand this, because what I'm seeing and what I'm hearing aren't lining up for me. Granted, my only source of information at this point is the pdf, so maybe I've missed something in it or elsewhere, but I was under the impression that the Expedition Results were based upon the total number of Victory Points and not the accumulation of specific points. For example, in Part 3:

X number were needed for Discovery in order to find the vault.
Y number were needed for Anchor to make the Key even work for us.
And Z number were needed for Vault to regain control of the Key. One of those Z's needed to include the killing/convincing of the BBEG in order to escape.
So this specific special had a condition that regardless of how many VPs were earned, 1 had to be from stopping Arodeth...otherwise we get hit with Earthfall.

But you're saying that missing that one point invalidates all the others? So the House in our case went from 44 to 0? Or rather that even though we scored 44pts, they are worthless, we get no Results, and all the information that the PCs gained is gone.

I assume all the notes and information the PCs gathered were recovered along with them since they didn't lose any of their gear. So I'm not sure why those Victory Points don't remain. Seems like a rather harsh punishment to invalidate everything just because no one was able to score 1 specific point.

That said, if those are the instructions that the Overseer is being told to work with, then it is what it is and I can clearly understand the point about it then. I just don't have that information in front of me that says that...or else I've missed it somewhere.

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