So looks like i am in trouble please give me advice so i do not die from this horrible situation


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Silver Crusade

This sounds like a gaming group that has very little gaming experience, both players and GM.

The GM allowing a player to come in 2 levels higher, and players that have no idea of the mechanics behind the classes they are playing are just a few of the major glaring areas that have come to light in this conversation / discussion.

This is the kind of thing that happens in a game with an in-experienced GM.

If there had been an experienced player at this table, this would have already been taken care of by now.

Owen, remember, the players have the power. If all the other players are in agreement with the descriptions you have given on this messageboard, then stand up and tell the GM that this is not going to fly. Friends tell each other when the other is acting foolishly, stupidly, etc... This is one of those times for you to be a friend.

Let him know he has made an error with the samarai and to fix it pronto. It should be obvious that every other player in this group, including you, has been de-marginalized.

If your gm wont fix it, walk out. Start your own game with the other players, and get to know the rules, or at least the mechanics of the character classes you are playing. That will go a long way in you knowing exactly what to do when a samarai comes along and starts trying to kill off every player in the gaming group.

Don't tolerate this crap. You shouldn't. And you most certainly shouldn't just because it is the only game in town.

You and the other players have the power, not the GM. Without you and the other players, there is no game. There is no samarai of 5th level to wreak havoc on your friends. There is no conflict.

That is about as easy as it gets. Use your power to change this game or stop complaining.


Petty Alchemy wrote:
Sounds like a bully. Don't give him any attention.

Depending on the group, this might work... talk to the GM first though.

Literally just ignore any stupid challenges/rolls to hit/damage rolls as if they never happened.

He just wants attention, do NOT give it to him.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Seriously, stop with the passive-aggressive nonsense about engaging on his terms. Don't try to fight his character. Declare, OOC, that you do not want the current trend of PvP bullying to continue. Insist that it is not cool and is making the game un-fun for you.

No, it's not as "fun", but it's much more effective long-term in dealing with an asshat.

This is the best advice on this kind of situation.

Other notable ideas is to keep playing and next time the samurai gets offended or starts declaring challenges say OOC (some groups have a sign for talking out of character, others just daclare when they are in or out of character) "OOC; [insert name of samurai playere here], grow the f*** up." and then keep playing like he's not there.

or less agressive: ask him what his deal i snext time he makes things uncomfortable for you. If he says he's just playing his character say : " no, you're being an ass and making our game suck, please stop"

regardless, be diplomatic, comunicative (spelling?), composed and resolved.
It's cool that he wants to roleplay his character or whatever, it's not cool that the game is less fun for you because of it. And it's easy to change; just make the friction between the characters less life-and-death and more funny background banter.

I mean , hell: minsc and edwin could adventure together for most of the game before they attacked each other. literally months of throwing s#&@ before one of them snapped.

also this :

alexd1976 said wrote:

Literally just ignore any stupid challenges/rolls to hit/damage rolls as if they never happened.

He just wants attention, do NOT give it to him

I wanted to say just pack up and leave when the samurai is asleep. And when I say pack up and leave I meant he entire party because samurai is a bigot.

Failing that just leave the group for real because it is not worth the time.

Now I'm just going to say derail everyone's plans by killing samurai.

Remember, you can hold charge of your spells. When his whip hits you, just release the charge and recast. Whip doesn't do damage (unless it is scorpion whip) You also don't have to worry about whip AoO because it can only AoO 5 ft within and not reach if I'm not mistaken.

Failing that...vampiric strike spell strike with a high crit weapon. The go to magus style of choice for a lot of people.

Or sabotage his s+&~ and challenge him to a duel. Broken weapons, broken armor, poisoned mount, etc etc.

Or have the party bean him to death at night. He probably isn't sleeping in heavy armor and if you take his weapons away beforehand he can only go unarmed.

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Owen Hutchinson wrote:

both he and the gm constantly hint to a larger story arch i believe that i can safely say that this samurai might in fact end up being a late game boss. working for that main antagonist of the story.

now dont get me wrong the character is still toxic but if this is true than he is less toxic than i had originally assumed or more so depending on your point of view.

You are in danger of rationalizing yourself into accepting your abuse. If the samurai is being so insufferable that the your enjoyment of the game is suffering, then you need to pin the GM down on what the hell that samurai is doing there and why he's getting away with so much stuff. Maybe there's a long term plan, but he should still reveal that fact to get your buy-in to the campaign rather than let you and the other players stew and get annoyed.

Demand answers and if they are unacceptable demand relief.

The Exchange

You can't even AOO with a whip(you don't threaten) and provoke AOOs if you use a whip in melee unless you take a fair extensive feat chain. Also whip is an exotic weapon, not on the samurai list, so if that Samurai has not taken exotic proficiency whip, he takes a -4 non proficient penalty to hit/combat maneuvers(trip/disarm).

Whip still does non lethal damage (unless your race starts with natural armor, ie, kobolds).

1) Being "more of a story character" in no way justifies a 2-level difference between this guy and the rest of the playgroup. Request immediate parity TODAY, and pass the word to the rest of the group when the GM agrees.

2) Bill Dunn has the right of it: rationalizing your (and your fellow gamers') suffering for the sake of some far-off villainous reveal may be good story, but it's a very poor excuse for permitting fun-sucking gameplay. Here's a "defining moment" anecdote from one of my play experiences to help illustrate just how thoroughly we learned the lesson that this kind of thing ought not happen:

Back in the days when D&D 3.5 was still new-born, one of our active groups persisted in supporting the "Dark Ages" of 3.0 play. I can't recall the party makeup, except to say that the fighter was the primary DPR source (they weren't a "power-play" group), and there was a cleric who was filling the traitorous BBEG role, unbeknownst to the rest of the group. In 3.0, there was this spell called 'mass harm'. If you look at it in the Pathfinder core book, it seems reasonable, though very powerful; in 3.0, that spell was so far past broken it destroyed myriad alternate realities all at the same time. A failed save against 'harm' or 'mass harm' left anyone/anything susceptible to it with 1d4 hit points. You read that right: 1D4 HP -- TOTAL. You can already see where this is going . . . .

Traitor-Preacher lures party to Evil HQ Main Office. Doors lock. Cue sinister laugh. Cleric wins initiative because no one was expecting him to do anything except help (DM fiat). Mass Harm. *Only* the fighter passes his save. Variance in rolls and excellent defenses keep Traitor-Preacher on his feet. The fighter fails his save versus 'Dominate Person'. Traitor-Preacher walks over party's cold corpses just to say he did.

Epic story potential there, and it was fully realized. However, a party that cannot succeed at a given challenge because 1/4 (or whatever portion) of the group suddenly swings the operation sideways is decidedly un-fun. (Aside: for whatever reason, this group has a titanic aversion to arcane casters -- there was no wizard or sorcerer in the group to offset the betrayal, so I guess this vignette is more understandable for our numbers-crunchers) You are in a situation with a level of toxicity that no one should have to endure; I've seen tons of them -- characters murdered mid-fight for a poor Stealth check and becoming a "tactical disadvantage", campaigns shut down over a conflict regarding the power of 'darkness', players immolating their characters on another PC because he/she failed to read all of the rules text of particular feat choices, arms races between/among players with the sole intent of being able to trump the other character . . . . Fun thought exercises, channeled passive-aggressive hatred, excuses to bring in new characters . . . . They all do a lot to ruin gameplay.

This samurai of tyranny would fit better as an NPC. No need for questions, votes, comments, or other expressions of opinion.

3) Point your GM and "Little Lord Fauntleroy" to this thread, and see if any of this invective gets through to them. If not, secede from the United Discombobulates of Non-gaming, start your own group, and call upon the excellent help you can find here to get your playgroup more familiar with the ins and outs of the Pathfinder system. I said before that bad gaming is better than no gaming, and I stand by that, but enough is enough. There's no excuse for being an unwarranted d!(k. And at least two in your group are guilty of it.

The Exchange

Remember that trying to be even nastier than a nasty person generally succeeds, but onlookers will observe that now they have two problem players.

You've got three separate issues here and they all need to be resolved out of character by discussion with the GM and/or the problem player:

1. Every GM has a responsibility to stand up to his players when one of them is spoiling the fun. Not happening here.

2. Every GM has a responsibility to distribute unusually good or bad consequences only because of player choices. Your GM is enabling and encouraging one player by giving them good things and punishing the rest.

3. Every player has a responsibility to help their fellow gamers have fun. Your fellow player clearly disagrees.

Don't engage in foolish competition within the game. That just encourages the bad player.

Grand Lodge

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Good news guys i had a talk with my gm and the problem player and we managed to get things sorted out so he wont kill me if i try to play my character. and the gm said if he tried to the gm would stop him the characters are now more balanced and the next session is starting tomorrow so i am looking forward to it a lot more now. thank you to all the solutions that everyone poseted them some made me laugh and others were absolutely brilliant again thank you for your help

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You're welcome! Glad it all worked out! :D

The Exchange

Yes, very good to hear. And thanks for keeping us posted: because of the nature of the boards we're usually left hanging, and that can give people the impression that these situations never work out.

Silver Crusade

Glad to hear it, although I'd keep some of those tactics I told you in your back pocket, save them for a hard encounter to show your GM the power of consumable items, maybe even try out an alchemist so you can make your own.

I'm glad talking worked rather than having to leave the game like people suggested.

Sorry to raise this thread from the dead but I really want to know what happened in the next session?

Did the Samurai show restraint? Or was the DM forced to step in?

N. Jolly wrote:

It's common because people like flexing their character's muscles. It's not great, I'm not defending this, but I've played with enough people who need an outlet to be a bully, and this is how they get it. Some GMs don't want to intervene due to being non confrontational themselves, considering it easier to let player drama work itself out. It's not great, but it's common.

That's true. A lot of people have a life that they feel it sucks. They can only exercise power in the game. Which would be fine, if they did against NPCs. But some people do it vs other players. Either as a GM or as a player, as they can't "exercise power" vs your boss in your job, or wherever, they do in game.

It's a sad but true part of human behsviour. That's why it is such a bad idea to duel him, etc. It's an out of game problem, should be solved out of game.

This may be a little late but I figure I would throw it in anyways.

Can you redo your feats? You have intensified spell at a level that is of absolutely no use. You should hold off on that feat until you can actually use it. Toughness is also a poor feat. The extra HP don’t really help all that much except maybe at 1st level. Trade them out for something that is going to give you more benefits especially at higher level. That may not help in the situation but just wanted to mention it.

As to how to handle the situation, use his code against him. Below is the code of the order of the warrior.

Order of the Warrior
Most samurai swear themselves to the code of the warrior, which emphasizes duty, honor, loyalty, and obedience. This code extends not only to the samurai's lord and master, but also to his comrades and family. Samurai who follow the order of the warrior are among the most trusted and feared warriors in the land.
Edicts: The samurai must protect the life and lands of his lord with his life. He must be truthful and courageous, respectful to his elders and his masters, and loyal to his friends and liege. He must conduct himself with honor and dignity.

Work with him for a while and if he finds out about your magic then play up the whole betrayal of a comrade issue. Pretend that you will not fight a comrade because to do so would be a great dishonor and you would rather die than dishonor him in such a way. This way if he does attack you he has betrayed the edict of his order and loses his challenge.

Also if he does challenge you insist on the right to choose the weapon and choose something other than his favored weapon. The best choice would be light weapon so he does not get the extra damage from power attack for a two handed weapon. If you can get him to agree to unarmed then it will be a lot harder for him to kill you.

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