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Hi everyone,

I am leading a series of six quests tomorow from Phantom Phenomena series and I have several quick questions which I can't find answers for. I suspect some answers already, but I just wanna make sure. I am currently in the process of preparing it, so please don't mind if I skipped something.

Can the party rest after every quest?
The death during these quests isn't permanent condition? Characters are back on their feet after every quest? Is there a negative side-effect at all?
What qualifies as unfinished quest?

Thanks for any quick responses,


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The party is fresh between every quest. In fact, you can change which pregen you use between them if you want to try them all!

Not sure about this one, but in normal scenarios death when playing a pregen can be assigned to an unused number. That seems silly when these are replayable. At worst, character death means they did not complete that quest. They can replay it and try to do better, or accept reduced rewards on the chronicle sheet.

There are only 1 or 2 encounters in each quest. If you don't bypass or defeat them both, you haven't completed the quest.

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Thanks on quick response. That answers some of the questions. Hopefully someone else can pitch in additional answers.

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With the quests such as The Silverhex Chronicles or Phantom Phenomena:

The party can rest between each part of the quest but I am not sure about swapping out pregens between each quest (I do not see why this is not possible).

Death is actually a permanent condition with the use of Pregens. With the quest series, one would mark the character number that the quest was going to be applied to as dead and start the next quest with a new unused character number. The character who dies is unable to continue the quest and all progress is reset for the new character.

An unfinished quest is any quest with an encounter that has failed or is incomplete.

FAQ on pregens is

If My PC or Pregenerated Character Dies Permanently What Happens? wrote:
Player characters and pregenerated characters who do not return to the realm of the living receive 0 XP, 0 PP, 0 gold, and no items or boons. This is marked on their Chronicle sheet along with a note that the character is permanently dead. If a player was planning to hold the Chronicle from a pregenerated character and apply it to a lower level PC once the PC reached the level of the pregenerated character, they must either apply the Chronicle sheet immediately and report the PC as dead or assign the Chronicle sheet to a new level 1 PC (ie a new PC number) and report that character as dead.

Hope this helps.

Sczarni 4/5

@Preston Hudson

Thanks for response. There was luckily no deaths that I had to worry about, but players had a great time in game-play.

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Played this for the first time today, and was rather surprised at some of the encounters for level 1 ... DR? SR? Seemed a bit rough for an adventure meant to attract new players to the game, especially if the group has only 3 or 4 players and doesn't choose the best characters for the encounters.

Despite this, I had fun, lots of Ghostbusters jokes were made. I'm inspired to make a character named "Peter Venkman" now, but I just need to decide what class to make him.

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Daniel Wheeler wrote:
I'm inspired to make a character named "Peter Venkman" now, but I just need to decide what class to make him.

Hmm... I think I see him as a bard, with perform (comedy).

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