The Paladin fell because...

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Thereby he unknowingly landed upon and crushed to death, the faery of the lake.

The paladin has started her own bed & breakfast.

A couple who was staying there starved to death when the Paladin refused to serve them lunch.

The Paladin decorated her house festively for the holiday season.

Perhaps decorating for Lamashtan holidays was a bad idea....

The Paladin grappled a succubus.

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The paladin forgot to apply his DEX modifier to CMB as he should have.

The paladin forgot his spouse's birthday.

Not even the Paladin's god dares attract the wrath of a wife who'se birthday is forgotten. The god revokes the paladin's powers, lest the wife's ire turns to him.

The paladin organized the peasants and workers to overthrow the corrupt nobles and oppresive bourgeoise.

As these things go, the peasants and workers eventually become the new corrupt nobles and oppressive buorgeoise and the Paladin falls for associating with evil people.

The Paladin complained about going to work on Monday.

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In so doing, the paladin committed blatant intellectual property violation against Jim Davis.

The paladin convinced Gary Larson to bring back The Far Side.

The paladin read Beyond the Far Side, and found the cow and chicken future amusing and laughed, because he was an Abdaran paladin, he fell, because well, cows and chickens are not humans, thus should not inherit the earth (or Golarion).

The Paladin managed to redeem a sentient evil sword.

Good people usually redeem tickets or vouchers, but now by doing so, it was a sure ticket to falling.

The paladin started playing Darkest Dungeon on steam.

The paladin's god recently accepted a sponsorship deal from EA, which unfortunately means a no competition clause for all of the god's followers. He should have been using Origin.

The paladin played a Multiplayer FPS, screaming racist and sexist curses at everyone

The paladin also used a wall hack, the scrub.

The paladin recieved a Holy Avenger sword from his deity as a reward for his many good deeds.

The paladin took it as permission to run around "avenging" people.

The paladin bravely ran away to musical accompaniment.

He did not run in tune to the beat.

The paladin went on a ten-year quest to find an evil artifact and destroy it, while resisting the corrupting influence of the artifact.

He should've just flown there with the eagles his god gave him instead of walking.

The paladin had a Star Wars marathon to prepare for the new one.

And Jar-Jar is by far the best character to ever appear in cinema! Also, it was sad to see the special effects get worse as time went on. Obviously they got their budget slashed due to movie 4-6's horrific plot!

Oh, and I have a friend who licked a flagpole.

Then you fell because your friend contracted a zombie-virus, and brought about the end of the world.

The Paladin politely asked the difference between a Balrog and a Balor.

The ensuing copyright law court case meant the paladin couldn't fight either of the two that were invading.

The paladin wrote a book about his adventures in the magical land of elves.

He was encouraged to smoke a lot of special 'stuff' to get the inspiration for it. Which in turn resulted to a broken image of 'the upstanding citizen'.

The paladin has bought herself a corset.

Her diminished breathing capacity meant that she couldn't be there to save the kingdom when it was conquered.

The Paladin wore sandals with socks.

One of his patron deity's known portfolios was fashion. It's a bit demeaning when people refer to his knightly order as the fashion police, but it doesn't make it untrue, sadly...

The paladin ate crackers in bed.

The paladins deity hated Ritz crackers(the deity likes Triscuits)

The paladin picked up a dime

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Off the eye lids of a dearly departed friend, stopping him from paying the toll in the afterlife.

The Paladin saved the Hanukkah party of the small impoverished jewish ghetto in town.

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He was so busy he didn't save the other impoverished jewish ghetto

The paladin bought a sword, benefiting a local buisness

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Business owner used that sword to kill the rival business in town.

The paladin wanted helped redeem the rogue of his party from past sins.

The paladin fell, because in order to help the rogue, he needed to 'understand' the rogue. He committed petty theft and fell from grace.

The paladin is model for the latest corset.

Goth paladins automatically fall. It's just the way of the multiverse.

The paladin helped the bard put on a benefit concert to help the refugees of a recent war.

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The Paladin fell because the Bard ended up taking the money for himself and the mass immigration of refugees caused a heavy strain on the economy as well as resources with thousands of thousands dying, eventually leading to another war with even greater death tolls.

The Paladin slew the evil succubi.

The Paladin fell because the evil succubi was really an actor in a costume, who was using the money from his performance for charity. Thus, the Paladin slew a good person.

The Paladin logged onto the Pathfinder message boards, and made racist and sexist comments.

The Paladin fell because his god mistook him for Donald Trump.

My Paladin wore a chastity belt.

Goth Guru wrote:
My Paladin wore a chastity belt.

The paladin fell, not for the chastity belt, but because he apparently belongs to Goth Guru—a deity known to be nothing short of Chaotic Evil.

The paladin ate a live rabbit on camera.

Should've used cutlery.

The paladin got a full nights sleep before a whole day of doing good deeds.

Silver Crusade

Sloth by sleeping a full night when good deeds could have been done caused the paladin to fall.

The paladin went to the movies to see The Force Awakens.

He the posted spoilers about it on the internet, ruining the movie for people who hadn't had the chance to see it yet.

The paladin crushed the plucky rebels under his tyrannical, steel-heeled boots.

The boots were Sketchers, nobody buys Sketchers

The paladin made The Old Man stop Ranting

The Old Man was a prophet chosen by the Paladin's god. His rants were visions of the future that could have saved lives.

Is The Old Man supposed to be a character in particular? Kind of hard to search such a generic name for.

The paladin pinched the barmaid's rear while she walked by.

The barmaid was a succubus, and the Paladin fell for associating with evil.

The Paladin gave her friend (who was down in the dumps) a hug to cheer him up.

The paladin fell, because she hugged too tight and too long around the neck, causing the friend to suffocate.

The paladin helped Santa Clause deliver some presents.

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The Paladin fell...down the chimney. He is now literally a black knight.

The Paladin slew the insane lich who had abducted Santa Claus and hijacked his holiday.

The paladin fell because he forgot to say "happy holidays" to activate his smite attack.

The paladin slew krampus.

The paladin fell, because without krampus no naughty children were punished. This broke the cycle of discipline that had been forever.

The paladin tried to appeal to a hardcore goth

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The Paladin fell off the bridge because the goth turned out to be his son, and had been corrupted by the Supreme Leader, and thus stabbed his father with the broad saber.

The Paladin was looking for a good Holiday sale to complete his miniature addiction

He trampled several innocent shoppers during the Black Friday rush.

The Paladin carved the roast beast.

Oh, gods! Now what creature will we assign to turn the spit roast? The whole feast is ruined!

The paladin starred in Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas.

The paladin fell flat, as his fullplate armor did not provide anti-slip for the ice he had to cross in act 13.

The paladin stopped, single handidly, the Black Friday stampede at New York's Walmart.

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Using the "I saved the world, I get to go first" excuse is bad manners.

The paladin opened a box.

It wasn't Christmas yet.

The paladin closed a box.

The good mummy was trapped in its coffin for another one thousand years.

The paladin burned a box.

Pretty sure I closed it on a kids fingers. Serves them right for trying to sneak into their Christmas presents early!

The Paladin took the elevator.

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It was a Wonka-vator. Paladins are required to take the straight-and-narrow, not the up-down-left-right-forward-backward-diagonal-sideways-and-chessknight!

The paladin took Bleached Otyugh out to dinner at the world-famous Harry's Bar in Venice.

The paladin burned a box.

The smoke got in a pious man's eyes.

The paladin took Bleached Otyugh out to dinner at the world-famous Harry's Bar in Venice.

Due to numerous patrons fleeing without paying for their meal, and the stench being almost impossible to remove, the bar ended up having to close down.

The paladin took over because Santa was injured, and delivered presents to all the good boys and girls, saving Christmas.

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