The Paladin fell because...

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His mother was a vegetarian.

The paladin completed a complicated ritual and became an anti paladin.

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Because he performed the extremely complicated and lawful ritual, he immediately fell and lost his antipaladin powers.

The paladin used his lay on hands to help end a terrible plague.

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It was a plague of kittens.

The paladin gave balloons out at a goblin birthday party.

The balloons all had words on them, and every goblin at the party lost their soul.

The paladin flew a kite in the park.

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He "flew a kite" in the Thai sense.

The paladin compassionately and encouragingly talked a good and worthy person out of committing suicide.

The paladin fell because his righteous words proved to let loose the murderous tendencies, the almost suicidal person was about to rid the world of.

The paladin was attending a choir's practice, to give advice.

The paladin failed to respect legitimate authority—the choir—when preaching his uninformed musical feedback.

The paladin ate a flumph.

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Flumphs aren't even close to kosher.

The paladin became a Wall Street day trader.

(the paladin fell because he associated with evil) Nope to easy
The paladin fell because she did not completely read a form before signing that she had completely read it.

The paladin ascended to godhood

The only divine portfolio available was "breaking the rules."

The paladin wrote a eulogy for her dear, departed friend.

He forgot to use the oxford comma when writing out a list of good attributes.

The paladin hit on a girl at the bar by belching out the alphabet.

Gary the Gold Dragon Paladin was facing in the girl's direction.

It was the infernal alphabet.

The paladin drank to forget the horrors she witnessed in the Worldwound.

Thus using poison against a lawful good ally (herself).

The Paladin stole fortyseven cakes.

She stole them by shouting "Look out behind you!" at the guard, the most dishonorable of tactics.

The Paladin started a massive pyramid scheme that left everyone in the kingdom destitute.

Pyramids are an abomination unto the god of circles.

The Paladin insisted on being called "The Paladin" with capital letters and only refers to himself in third person.

He was technically the second person to do so, so he should have insisted on being called "The Paladin II."

The Paladin got married to the cultist of an evil god. The Paladin knew about the whole cultist thing before proposing.

The paladin fell because he let passion rule over common sense.

The paladin had picked up the hobby of painting.

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The paladin fell because she liked to paint hellscapes.

The paladin killed a satanist.

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The paladin 'killed' the Satanist in the "the Satanist made the paladin a nice breakfast the next morning as a reward for doing such a good job" sense, and you know that that inevitably involves some seriously profane s*~* with them.

The paladin betrayed their dearest friend just for 40 pieces of silver.

The paladin falls for overcharging.

The paladin eats the heart of his demonic archnemesis, gaining its power.

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The paladin put his elbows on the dinner table.

The paladin organized a group of bandits who stole from multiple villagers in order to fund the creation of his Lich phylactery.

The paladin falls because due to a miss-communication, his phylactery ends up being a shoe. The god of sandals is against this.

The paladin took a level of barbarian.

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The paladin fell because he couldn't use lay on hands while raging.

The paladin ate green eggs and ham.

the paladin fell because he violated his vow not to eat them with a fox.

The paladin spoke for the trees

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The trees were Chaotic Evil.

The Paladin wished for fish.

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The Paladin wished for Devilfish!

The Paladin posted a link to a 90 minute video without the slightest hint of guilt.

The paladin fell because he indicated that the video was an hour and a half, instead of 90 minutes.

The paladin pointed at those less fortunate than him and laughed very loudly.

As the airship was poised to crash, the paladin leaped out into the open air and began to plummet down. She fiddled with the parachute bag, getting ready to put it on, when she spotted her squire. The fool had jumped out after her. He didn't even have a parachute! She pointed at him and began to laugh—and then realized she'd let go of the bag.

The paladin only posted the answer to a previous forum game post, without posting a new question.

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"I think I can submit th-"

*kraka-THOOM! Paladin falls.*

"What? Why have you forsaken me, noble powers of Law and Good?"

"Because your posting is eating up our bandwidth.


The Paladin prepared a spicy meal.

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...using hot sauce made in New York City!?!?

The paladin squeezed the Charmin.

Yeah, her name was Charmin, and those were not pillows he was squeezing. (gahh ninja'd by IHIYC)

The paladin helped an old lady across the street.

He forgot to look both ways.

The paladin volunteered at the local soup kitchen.

The paladin added 3 dashes of pepper to the soup when she should have added 2.

The paladin summoned demons to wreak havoc on the mortal world.

The paladin fell because he forgot to make them wipe their feet on the way in.

The paladin breathed.

The paladin fell because he forgot he exhaled too firmly, he had a fire breath enchantment placed upon him. None remained standing.

The paladin kissed a girl and liked it.

The paladin was also a girl. The bible clearly says this is not allowed.

The paladin brought cookies for his gaming group.

@ The Fiend Fantastic: Being miserable builds character, and the Paladin hadn't built enough character yet.

@ Goddity: The Paladin fell because they forgot that several friends had nut allergies.

The Paladin planned a surprise birthday party for a good friend of his.

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By keeping it a secret, the paladin lied to his good friend.

The paladin gave out apples with razor blades in them to trick-or-treaters.

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The paladin fell because she didn't properly wash the razor blades, which lead to all of the rust monster children in the neighborhood contracting food poisoning.

The paladin dressed up as a spooky ghost for her Halloween party.

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..with a Bedsheet of Ultimate Evil

The Paladin wished everyone a Merry Hallowmas.

You can't just invent your own holidays! That's anarchy!

The Paladin committed a murder spree dressed as a slasher movie villain.


Ventnor wrote:
The Fiend Fantastic: Being miserable builds character, and the Paladin hadn't built enough character yet.

I'm not yet fully awake, how does liking a kiss relate to that?

The paladin fell low after this act, nor would he ever drink apple flavored potions from the market.

The paladin donated his leftover halloween candy to the local charity.

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She was making the easy way out :P

The Paladin fell because the candy was collected under the pretense it would be for the Paladin. Thus, he lied to the people he trick-or-treated.

The Paladin became a single celled organism.

The paladin fell because doing so rendered him helpless as a giant army of orcs attacked the town he was supposed to protect, killing everyone inside.

The paladin ran in the annual village race.

The Fiend Fantastic:
The paladin stopped being miserable while she was liking the kiss.

The paladin fell because the first place trophy he won was made out of stolen gold.

The paladin was implicated in an adulterous scandal with the royal family.

Eeeugh, have you SEEN that noble line? A few generations of inbreeding have NOT been kind to them. The paladin's patron deity knew he could do better with his Charisma.

In the field of battle, the paladin gave in to cowardice and ran, demoralizing his army and letting the forces of darkness crush the last bastion of hope.

After they caught him, the dark forces threw the paladin off a cliff.

The paladin spent all of his gold to purchase a griffon.

Since he cleared his tithes first, everything was fine with purchasing the griffon. Riding it without a saddle (due to lack of funds) was what made him fall.

The paladin comforted an innocent war refugee.

The paladin fell because it was a rather physical way to comfort the refuge.

The paladin rescued a kitten from a tree.

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