The Paladin fell because...

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The paladin's ice cream was not made from locally-sourced milk.

The paladin bound an angel to his service and ordered the angel to perform 100 horrendous deeds.

The paladin accidentally summoned an angel from the wrong department—a blatant breach in protocol.

The paladin frolicked across a beautiful landscape of rolling green hills, singing of their natural beauty.

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The paladin tripped over a log...and fell.

The paladin ate Sir Robin's minstrels, and there was much rejoicing.

The paladin fell because he didn't use cutlery.

The paladin was busy with a fundraiser for the local orphanage.

Raising funds for one half the kids by murdering the other half was't what they had in mind.

The paladin handed out free candy to kids.

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...from the spacious back end of an unmarked van.

The paladin blew up a hospital.

The paladin fell because it contained a small chapel to his deity.

The paladin killed a drifter just to get an erection.

The Paladin fell because he forgot to donate the two copper pieces in the drifter's pocket to his church.

The Paladin catapulted diseased corpses into a town under siege, dooming its population to die of the Black Plague.

*Nukes IHIYC, GoatToucher & Ventnor from orbit, for derailing the game*

What Ventnor was trying to say, was the paladin was catapulting back diseased corpses from a town under siege, back at its attackers.

The paladin fell because he didn't make a prayer for the dead before doing so.

The paladin is doing some charity pr for the local wise woman.

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TFF, what was that outburst all about? Everything they've done is well within the rules of the game. Heinous actions are just as legitimate as saintly ones.

*Docks TFF 50 points.*

The paladin was forced to either lie to make the wise woman sound good, or fail at his sworn task. Classic Catch-22.

The paladin sat at home all day and drank beer in his underwear.

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The paladin was of the Muslim variety, so he should've known beer's a no-no.

The paladin singlehandedly defeated ISIL.

Trigger, i must've read past something.
Consider them recovered from the nuking.
Btw, i'm infernal, you don't dock points from me :)

The paladin fell because he did so by nuking them from orbit, catching many innocents in the process.

The paladin was on watch duty during the local comic-con.

Looking at those toothsome cosplay girls? That's a paddlin', and a Fall.

The paladin sacrificed a hand to seal a compact that would protect thousands of innocents.

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The paladin lost his wedding ring.

The paladin sacrificed himself to close a deathgate.

The paladin fell because he didn't clear this action with the Haunt Remover's Union.

The paladin dedicated a new temple to his deity.

He hired shoddy contractors to build the temple, and they violated Building Code Section VII, Subsection XXIV, Article X, Paragraph XII, detailing proper distance from main enterance doors to elevated ceilings. So failing to obey the law AND associating with those not of good alingment. Double whammy!

(Oh, and TFF, I'm docking another 50 points for claiming I can't dock points from you.)

The paladin punched the barkeep for 'disrespecting him' after the barkeep insisted the paladin paid his rather large tab.

Trigger, you can try and dock as many as you want, infernal beats mortal. Muahahahaha ;)

The paladin fell for losing his cool, thereby violating the virtue of patience and self control.

The paladin was taking a cruise down the river.

The paladin fell because the cruise was on the River Styx.

The paladin gave heroic speech about how goodness and friendship will always prevail over evil.

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The paladin fell because he paced during the speech and did not see the box on the stage.

The paladin penalized the evil overlord by screaming MIIIIIINUUUUUS FIIIIIIFTYYYYYY DEEEEEEEEKAYYYYYYYYPEEEEE!!!

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Excuse me, paladin, when we're inside we use our inside voices.

The paladin made a Google+ account.

The paladin fell because his clergy is still on Myspace.

The paladin cleared out a hive of goblins that was plaguing the nearby village.

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The paladin sinned against language when he insisted on calling it a "hive" instead of the proper term, "warren."

The paladin performed the wedding services for the king and queen.

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"You may now kill the br... Oh dear..."

The paladin took a massive blow from a dragon, thereby managing to protect an innocent girl from it.

The paladin fell because he miscalculated the force of the recoil of the blow and he fell, within full plate, onto the girl killing her.

The paladin was to read the last rites of the local bishop.

The paladin fell because the bishop wasn't dead, and the last rites was actually a list of the bishops sins whilst wearing a nun's habit.

The paladin was explaining to a group of earnest youngsters the importance of abstinence.

The paladin fell because he belonged to the church of the sex god.

The paladin rode around telling tales about how great he is.

The paladin fell because he rode his horse into several municipal buildings.

The paladin shared a meal with a farmer and his family whose field she had cleared of monstrous pests.

The paladin fell because the pests were all celestial locusts.

The paladin punched every villager in the face. Every single one.

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But he did not follow Marquis of Queensbury rules when doing so.

The paladin marched into hell itself and rescued the soul of his deceased lover, bringing it back to the material plane.

Silver Crusade

The Paladin brought back his lover's soul without the proper license, and he littered on the way there and back.

The paladin started a heavy metal band.

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By refusing to associate in any way whatsoever with demons, devils, ghouls, vampires, and the Dark Gods of Metal, the paladin introduced disharmony to the heavy metal community.

The paladin became a grandmaster fugu chef, successfully completing years and years of intense training without making a single mistake, and became renowned as "the ONLY chef in all the world who you can truly trust with serving you fugu".

The paladin fell because "fugu" sounds like profanity through a broken/stuffed up nose.

The paladin and his party, lost in the mountains, were forced to eat his mount.

The paladin fell because he used a little too much salt, just ruining the horse stew for everyone.

The paladin finally fulfilled her oath to see the criminal responsible for her mentor's death brought to justice.

The paladin fell because she chopped off his limbs to bring him in.

The paladin donated a hefty sum of gold to the local church of Sarenrae.

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The paladin walked right by all the moneychangers in the temple, and didn't even try to smite them.

The paladin got a job at Halliburton.

The paladin fell because " a paladin avoids working with evil characters or with anyone who consistently offends her moral code. Under exceptional circumstances, a paladin can ally with evil associates, but only to defeat what she believes to be a greater evil." .... but there is no evil greater than Halliburton.

The paladin adopted a puppy

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The puppy worked for Halliburton.

The paladin was struck upon the cheek, and turned the other cheek in response.

The paladin fell because by that he was arrogantly taunting the slapping person, under the pretence that person was a wuss.

The paladin helped the old lady cross the street.

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In so doing, the paladin enabled the old lady to breach the terms set by her restraining order.

The paladin knowingly aided his church in covering up its epidemic of child molestation by the clergy.

He did a very bad job of it, though. He fell for both weakening the church, and not giving it his all.

The paladin started an 80's hair metal band.

The paladin fell because he started the band in the 90's.

The paladin shielded his comrade with his body, sacrificing his life to do so.

The enemy attacking his comrade had taken the Improved Shield Bash featline, and was thrilled at the opportunity to use it.

The paladin ate the last box of Tagalongs.

He fell because he didn't ask if it was anyone's box of Tagalongs.
It actually was..

The paladin was offered to be best man at a wedding of the local lord's son, the son is a good friend of his.

The paladin fell because he had also promised to be the bride's maid of honor.

The paladin whistled a jaunty tune.

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The paladin confronted his abusive parents, and forgave them.

The paladin had the half-fiend template.

The paladin tweeted the #gamergate hashtag.

Unfortunately, due to a massive mix-up, he tweeted the hashtag along with sensitive information about who the church is going to swindle next.

The paladin stopped a group of bandits that were plaguing the land.

Silver Crusade promptly kicking them into the even more destitute neighboring land.

The paladin started GMing a game of House and Humans.

Some of the houserules in his campaign originated in FATAL.

The paladin clubbed an angel to death with the corpse of a different angel.

And fell because he didn't clean up the mess afterwards (it was considerable).

The paladin made his mother home made chicken soup when she was sick.

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