The Paladin fell because...

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zylphryx wrote:

By paying tribute, he was in fact worshiping false idols.

The paladin took a much needed vacation.

The Paladin fell when he realized that he was short a few vacation hours and decided to fill the gap with sick leave. Bad form!

After realizing that his Lawful Neutral deity was cooperating with Archfiends, the Paladin called him out and slew him in one-on-one combat with naught but his righteous indignation and faith that he could overcome this most harrowing of trials to see him through.

Sovereign Court

By slaying his patron deity, the paladin severed the connections to the divine, making the paladin nothing more than a crappy fighter. The resulting swearing caused the paladin to fall.

The paladin wept.



The paladin fell for turning into a barbarian and misunderstanding how a game thread worked.

The paladin went on "indefinite hiatus".

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The paladin fell because "indefinite" is a Chaotic concept - Lawful people believe things are either definite or definitely not, dammit!

The Paladin performed at children's parties as a clown.

Clowns are inherently chaotic evil. Dressing up as one would make any Paladin fall.

The Paladin sobbed loudly at a wedding.

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The Paladin then mistook the bride's veil for a tissue.

The Paladin handed down a strict, but sensible and humane, code of dietary laws for followers of his faith.

Sovereign Court

He did not, however, include in depth, safe, and sanitary cooking guidelines, leading to the deaths of thousands who followed his instruction, causing him to be guilty of thousands of counts of death by negligence, which, of course, is the result of not being fully orderly and somewhat chaotic.

The paladin regained his paladinhood.

The Paladin then fell seconds later after he started loudly bragging that he'd managed to trick his deity into restoring said paladinhood.

The Paladin argued with her father.

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The Paladin fell because they did not also argue with their mother, thus failing to honor her.

The Paladin saved a mass murderer from execution and instead had them committed to an insane asylum.

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Said mass murderer had already escaped from the same asylum twenty-eight times before.

The paladin went to Hollywood.

The Paladin fell because her diety views selling out as an unforgivable sin.

The Paladin accidentally broke his diety's most sacred relic.

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The Paladin fell for trying to hide their crime by fixing the relic using duct tape and super glue.

After getting all of the guard and staff out the Paladin sealed all of the windows and doors to the local prison, trapping only the prisoners inside, before starting the building on fire.

The Paladin fell because they forgot to cancel the fire insurance on the prison, thus making them guilty of fraud-by-arson.

The Paladin became a brutal dictator.

The paladin fell for changing the colors of the nation's flag to lavender, neon pink, and puce. Such a color combo is an affront of common sense everywhere.

The paladin was rewarded for their hard work battling against the forces of evil with a Holy Avenger.

Sovereign Court

the paladin fell for accepting gifts in violation of the emoluments clause of her holy order.

The paladin baked cookies for the orphans.

The Paladin fell because they promised to bake "the best cookies", and everyone knows the Dark Side has the best cookies.

The Paladin wrote a supplement that played into every negative stereotype about a Real Life ethnicity, culture, or sub-culture.

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The paladin fell for using Comic Sans for the pdfs.

The paladin took Exotic Weapon:Chainsaw and began a one-man campaign against Treants.

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That was so f***ing metal that the paladin's god threw up the horns and began headbanging, which he did so vigorously that he hurt his neck. The paladin fell for wounding his own deity like that.

The paladin ate quiche.

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When the Paladin ordered it, he didn't know how to pronounce it, and told the young waitress, "I'd like to have a quickie."

The Paladin was caught in a TPK that was in no way their fault.

Drowning in a pit of whipped cream was so insulting that the Paladin fell for the humiliation of the whole group dying by suffocating in sugary confection.

The paladin refused to bow to the king, instead flipping him off and farting in his general direction.

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That's easy. The paladin fell for using poison.

The paladin went on a long journey in to find her lost sister, something that his goddess commanded him to do.

The paladin fell, because he failed to ever find her long-dead sister, thus failing a direct command from his deity.

The paladin swallowed a fly.

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I don't know why he swallowed a fly. So it must be a chaotic action.

The paladin purchased a suit of silver armour for ceremonial purposes.

He then proceeded to bear-hug a law-abiding werewolf to death, thus murdering an innocent civilian.

The paladin kicked a dog, and stabbed a small child.

The paladin fell because her god had told her to stab the dog and kick the child.

The paladin won back the stolen harvest from the evil goblin tribe so that the villagers would not starve to death over the winter.

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These Goblins were a tribe of Asmodean bankers who had a legally binding contract with the town, which was deeply in debt to them. It doesn't matter that the townsfolk were going starve to death, the Paladin falls for theft of private property!!!

The Paladin attended a wedding, and skillfully beat the other girls to the bride's bouquet.

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The Paladin fell because they beat the other girls with the brides bouquet afterwards (and forgot to complement the brides dress and the beauty of the place settings - two truly unforgivable crimes!).

The Paladin ate a potato...

Thereby defiling himself with unclean, dirty potatoes, as is expressly forbidden in Erastus 4:29

The paladin fell off of a cliff.

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As he wore a ring of Feather Fall he fell for breaking the Law of Gravity.

The Paladin said a silent prayer to his god.

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The prayer was from the prayer book of Asmodeus. Paladins are not known for high intelligence scores; he grabbed the wrong book.

The paladin agreed with the Asmodeus high priest that it was best to kill they family that had provided shelter to the homeless.

He forgot to read them their rights before he stabbed them through their hearts.

The paladin started a small school in Cheliax, and began to train the tiefling street urchins in the way of good and virtuous living.

He fell for supporting an evil government when he paid his taxes for the school.

The paladin told a white lie.

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The Paladin falls for failing the Bluff check, thereby revealing the lie and hurting the other person's feelings.

The Paladin raised an army of the dead in order to defend the weak and innocent.

The Paladin fell after failing to pay their army of the dead for services rendered. The undead still need a living wage, after all!

The Paladin vowed that he would destroy his archnemesis once and for all.

His archnemesis was, at the time of the vow, a cruel tyrant.
Over time, he repented and became a just man.

The paladin fell because he had to destroy a just man, oh how fate loves messing with paladins.

The paladin fed the hungry housecat's kittens.

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The Paladin falls for assisting Chaotic beings.

The Paladin ate her slain enemy's brain.

With the salad fork, the uncouth barbarian!

The paladin got a bad case of diarrhea and ended up soiling his armour in the middle of a fight.

Dark Archive

The paladin fell for enjoying the feel of it just a little too much. Ew.

The paladin released a second edition of a beloved rules system.

The paladin fell because the frustration of dealing with the resulting fights drove them to murder everyone.

The paladin stopped to pet a cute kitten.

The Paladin fell because I eat the horse he was riding on.

The Paladin got eaten by me and is in my belly.

The paladin fell because as his final act he turned his blood to poison.

The paladin took this topic to a very dark place.

The paladin fell because in that dark place he could no longer see Evil in order to confront it.

The paladin too this topic to a very bright place.

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The Paladin falls for wasting precious Evil-smiting time in a place where she isn't needed.

The Paladin attacked The Darkness with a magic missile!

The paladin fell because that is too much of a Chaotic act and his alignment shifted.

The paladin used time travel to stop his own fall.

The paladin fell because going back in time was what actually caused his fall, and was thus either an Evil or Chaotic act, depending on how you interpret the paradox.

The paladin allowed a puppy who couldn't have known any better to run head-first into a mirror.

The paladin fell after being convicted of animal cruelty.
(Poor little puppy!)

The paladin was bucked off his horse.

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By clearly failing to have broken the horse's will, the Paladin permitted - and thus, committed - Chaotic behavior.

The Paladin took ranks in Profession (Certified Public Accountant).

By not detecting for evil before taking all clients, he disappointed his deity.

The paladin was converted over to the new version of Pathfinder.

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The Paladin falls for failure to meet the new edition's standards of political correctness...despite having been entirely beyond reproach when he was written up all of 3 years ago. Does not matter, basic morality, language, and facts have all been completely redefined AGAIN, Citizen!

The Paladin removed the cause...*rich, throaty chuckle*...BUT NOT THE SYMPTOM!

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