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Watched the first two episodes and have read the books.

A little disappointed that they didn't stay with young Uhtred longer and cover his transition from Saxon to Dane better. Also the Danes are fun in the book in a bloody minded way compared to the Saxons that you really sometimes feel the world would be better has Wessex had been snuffed out.

I like that Alfred is dislikeable. They simplified Breda's character unfortunately and downplaying the religous conflict a little too much for my taste by Thor.

Basically the show feels like it is on fast forward, and I guess I was hopeing for a little better.

As a Pathfinder player I can't help but think Uhtred would be a great modle for a half orc or half elf.

I watched the series. I liked a lot of it, but there were quite a few parts that seemed to be on fast-forward. The result being that the plot moved quickly, but we don't always understand the reason why certain things happened or why important choices are made. While Uhtred is a compelling character, I am left wondering if the show just didn't have time to explore how he deals with all of the events of his life, or if he is basically just an amoral mercenary. Perhaps that itself is indicative of our modern morals vs. the morals of the time depicted in the show.

Personally I thought Uthred should have long since told Afred and his god to go F' themselves. That he continued to help this man despite the numerous times he got screwed over was astounding to me.

and I agree, it's makes a excellent referance to how a Half-Orc might be treated in a campaign.

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