Druid with Guided weapon property, high Wis, low STR: what Wild Shape?


A normally caster focused, 10th level, vanilla Druid seeks good wild shape form.

I have a 22 Wisdom with no martial feats and a 16 Dex. Strength is 7. I have an Amulet of Mighty Fists with guided weapon property which gives Wis to attack and damage rolls instead of Strength. I have a Druid's Vestment which gives more wild shape per day.

Usually I will cast spells, but since this mini campaign will be something of a dungeon crawl I will need to/ want to resort to melee.

So at level 10, what would make a good Wild Shape choice? I don't need Strength, more Dexterity is always welcome as is natural armor and immunities. Out of combat healing should be no problem. But primarily I'm looking for best damage with these circumstances.

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Air elemental gives +2 str +4 dex +4 Natural armor, immunity to bleed, critical hits and sneak attacks. You also get fly speed 60(perfect).
Damage is not that great with 2 slams that deal 1d8.

In dungeons the earth elemental might be really handy with it's earthglide. The stats would be +6 str -2 dex +2 con and +6 NA. Same immunities as air elemental, damage is better with 2 2d6 slams.

You can also consider taking the form of a shambling mound for 2 2d6 + grab and constrict attacks, fire and electricity resistances. Stats would be +4 str +2 con and +4 NA. Other plantshape to consider would be alraune with 4 1d10 attacks with grab and constrict and 40ft speed. No immunities though.

If you want to stay medium sized and not be a deinonychus, the saguaroi is human shaped, can speak and gets +2 str +2 con(enhancement bonus) and +2 NA. 2 slams for 1d6.
Weed whip is interesting medium plant with 2 1d4+poison attacks that have 15 foot reach. Fortunately you won't suffer from it's languid whips weakness. No immunities though.

Dire tiger is of course a good damage dealer as always, but animal shapes do not give any immunities sadly.

The spells strong jaw and vine strike will greatly increase your damage potential. Vine strike is better the more attacks you have.
Consider taking a level of monk to get +2 to all saves and wisdom to AC and 3 free feats for the loss of 1 caster level and 1 bab.

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